Is It Time You Built a Sleepout Shed?

sarah | 03/04/20

From a quiet home office to an extra bedroom for teens, sleepout builds have only grown in popularity across New Zealand in recent years. These smaller spaces are a great way to add extra habitable space to your home and have the ability to increase your property’s value. A flexible space As a separate entity […]


5 Reasons You Need a Shed

sarah | 02/25/20

Sheds have a lot more to offer than people might initially think. Improving your quality of life, they have the ability to transform your day-to-day in a number of surprising ways. Here are just a few of the reasons it might be time to consider building a shed: 1. Value Having an outdoor storage space […]


Size Matters, But So Does Good Looks

sarah | 02/03/20

Developer Philip Solomon honed his shed design before building the ultimate shed   Philip Solomon has years of experience putting up large sheds and his top tip is that shed aesthetics are important. “A lot of people just focus on what they want to put in the shed until it goes up and then they […]

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