An Industrial Steel Frame Shed Is The Way To Go

Izzie | 11/16/21

If you’re considering a new industrial shed or building then you’ll want to make sure you’ve weighed out all your options before you start building. One of your most important decisions is the material it will be made from.  When it comes to industrial structures, steel is becoming an increasingly popular material to use. It […]


A Guide to Equestrian Stables

Izzie | 11/09/21

When looking to build an equestrian stable or shed you have many decisions to make to ensure that you end up with a building which is perfect for both you and your horses. Luckily for you, KiwiSpan are experts in designing and building horse stables as we’ve built numerous equestrian structures over the years for […]


Designing a Farm Machinery Shed

Izzie | 10/19/21

If you run a farm then you no doubt have farm equipment and machinery such as tractors, stock feed and tools that you use on a day to day basis. This machinery and equipment tends to be a big investment so it’s vital that it remains as well kept and looked after as possible. One […]

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