Shedquarters: Make Working From Home Work For You

Izzie | 08/02/21

Shedquarters are growing in popularity amongst homeowners across New Zealand, but what exactly is a shedquarter and how could having one benefit you?   The first question you may be asking yourself right now is ‘what exactly is a shedquarter’? Essentially, a shedquarter is just another way of describing a tiny space in your backyard. […]


Here’s How to Maintain Your New Shed

Izzie | 07/19/21

No matter the season, shed maintenance is vital but in winter it can be a particularly tough time for your shed. From strong gusty winds to heavy rain and even snow, your shed will need to resist and stand up against harsh weather. Whether you’re looking after a simple garden shed or a large structure, […]


Does Storage Add Value To Your Property?

Larissa | 06/28/21
A storage shed, garage, or carport might be just what you need to add value to your property.  With the New Zealand property market as it is, people tend to be choosing to make renovations to their property as opposed to buying new ones. If you are planning on selling, it may seem counterintuitive to [...] READ MORE
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