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A Guide to Equestrian Stables

Izzie | 11/09/21

When looking to build an equestrian stable or shed you have many decisions to make to ensure that you end up with a building which is perfect for both you and your horses. Luckily for you, KiwiSpan are experts in designing and building horse stables as we’ve built numerous equestrian structures over the years for clients with varying requirements. From horse stables and riding centres through to commercial covers and stock shelters, we’ve got your equine needs sorted. 

A stable is a big investment so you want to make sure you get it right the first time, so let’s look at some things you will need to consider. 



The most important thing to think about when designing an equestrian stable is how big it will need to be. The will be dependent on how many horses you have; the more you have, the larger your stable will need to be. Ensuring that your horses have enough space is vital as stalls which are an inadequate size can lead to panic, distress, or poor health. 

A stable should be a minimum of 3.6 metres x 3.6 metres for an average sized riding horse, but this is only a minimum recommendation so if you have the resources to build larger stalls you should do so. People tend to opt for more generous sized stalls for mares and foals and this can easily be done by having removable partitions between stables. Even if you aren’t intending on breeding this additional feature can add value to your property. 

You also need to consider your horses’ movement within the stable. Breezeways or aisles should be a minimum of 3 metres to allow for horses to pass each other safely and give you plenty of space to work on them. 

If you do have multiple horses, you will also need to think about how many individual stalls you will need and also consider that you may want to expand in the future. This way, you can ensure that you have the space you need now, and for years to come. 



There are many design choices that you will need to make to ensure that your stables don’t just meet your horses’ needs, but yours too. 

Think about how many walls you would like the structure to have – high winds could make your horses uncomfortable so if you are going to have an open side then you will want to face it away from the wind. 

As you know, horses come with a lot of gear and equipment so people tend to want to add a tack or storage shed onto their structure to keep equipment needed such as cleaning, grooming, and riding equipment, and feed. Having this equipment easily accessible will make it easier to look after your horses. 

While it’s vital you ensure that you have enough space in the stables, don’t forget to consider that your stable will need to have enough ventilation and good airflow to make the space comfortable for your horses. 



The next important factor to take into consideration is the location. You will want to avoid building your stable in an area that is prone to flooding or high winds so take your time checking out areas on your property to find the best spot. You may also want to build your structure on a rise or slope to avoid the risk of flooding the stables. 

Regarding location it’s also a good idea to make sure that your stables aren’t too far away from your other equine amenities if possible. For instance, if you have a horse arena or equipment shed then you will want to make sure that your stables are close by. 


If you care about your horses and want to build them an equestrian stable that will last the distance, get in touch with your local KiwiSpan team today. 


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