How Our Sheds Withstand NZ’s Weather Conditions

New Zealand is a complex country to build for.

No really. We may not be a particularly large country, but you can find near-tropical climates up north and sub-arctic atmospheres down south. And because a decent percentage of New Zealand is within a half-hour of the ocean, salt deposits are a constant struggle when trying to maintain a building (it’s the reason paint costs so much more here than overseas).

Oh, and our position with regards to the ozone layer doesn’t help either. For our skin, and our structures.

So you can probably imagine by now, there’s a bit that goes into ensuring a shed built in New Zealand can stand up to whatever nature throws at it. And whilst we haven’t quite managed to manufacture tornado/tsunami/pink-and-white-terraces part II proof steel just yet (stay tuned), we can say with confidence that our sheds can – quite literally – take on most of what New Zealand chucks their way.

In fact, we’re so sure that we got the law involved. Being fully compliant not only with the 2004 Building Act, but we also decided to take on the 2002 Construction Contracts Act and the 1993 Consumer Guarantees Act as well.

We won’t bore you with the fine print, but in short – this all means we’re bound to ensure a quality product.


So, it’s all well and good to tell you that your new shed will be able to stand the test of time, but how exactly do we ensure this?


A unique analysis of the environment

Well firstly, when someone approaches us about getting a custom shed built for them, aside from purpose and size – we also have a look at what kind of environment the building site is.

This is because the different types of cladding are better suited for specific environmental situations.

NZ environments typically fall into one of three categories:




  Very Severe


Based on which one your property falls into, we have a corresponding suitable cladding. There are also claddings made for specific purposes such as anti-condensation if required.

The best part of all this? From the outside, you’d hardly be able to tell the difference from one cladding to the next. So you don’t even need to worry about what your environment is like when determining what you want the shed to look like.

Technology these days, right?


If we’ve alleviated some concerns, or just piqued your interest, feel free to get in touch or learn more about the sheds we offer here.

What Makes a Good Shed Design?

Being a distributor of custom sheds, we know from experience that sheds can, quite literally, come in all shapes and sizes.

Despite this, however, there are a few universal factors that you should be able to find in any shed worth its weight in gold.

And because we just love to talk about sheds, we figured we’d share a few with you.



This might seem to be a no brainer, but there’s quite an art to building a sturdy shed. If you promise not to tell anyone, we’ll let you in on a secret: it’s all in the frames.

Having a well-structured frame is everything when it comes to ensuring that ­a shed stays standing through the harsher side of the climate.

Now, this might seem simple, but the truth is, every different size and design of shed requires a unique size and design of frame. 

This is why when designing a shed, we always recommend getting an expert in to determine the exact dimensions of framing required. And of course, anyone who creates a shed with us can rest assured we’ll take care of this (and everything else) with the utmost care and expertise.



The materials your shed is made up of will ultimately determine how durable it will be against the elements.

And this isn’t just due to the weather. You also have to take into account salt deposits from nearby oceans, and the intense UV rays New Zealand has to deal with due to our proximity to the opening in the ozone layer. 

Thankfully, there’s a wide range of different claddings designed to handle these different conditions.


Built for purpose

A shed is defined as “a structure, usually freestanding, used for storage or shelter”. With such a broad definition, you can see why sheds come in so many different shapes and sizes.  

But this does not mean that one size fits all. 

What works for housing cattle is probably not going to suit the needs of someone looking to store their aircraft (or vice-versa). 

A well-designed shed should have a specific purpose in mind and should be well-designed for that specific purpose. ­­­­

There’s a reason we deal in custom sheds, after all.

Since you’re here, we imagine you’re at least a little bit interested in becoming a shed owner. Perhaps we can interest you with our range of custom sheds? Click here to learn more.

Why Custom is always King

These days, there are more options than ever when it comes to building and owning a shed. And if you’ve been thinking about becoming a shed owner, you’ve probably taken a gander at some of the different options on offer. 

We’re pretty confident that custom made sheds (such as ours) are still the way to go (and we’re not being biased, we promise). 


Here’s why:


Customizable to hobbies

Firstly, the great thing about getting a custom shed means it’s made specifically for you. Sure, you might not be the only person who plans on getting a shed, but your specific needs could be totally different from those of the next shed owner. 

Are you looking for a new home office space? We can do that. Or maybe you’re hoping to make your shed into a space for that specific hobby of yours. Talk to us, we can probably offer plenty of customisation that’ll help you do what you want to do. Pre-built options, on the other hand, can only offer a one-size-fits-all approach. And sometimes – that’s not enough. 


Colour and design

Another advantage of getting a custom shed made for you is that you get some input on the design and colour. KiwiSpan has several design options on offer.

Perhaps you’re looking to match your home or another building on the property. Or maybe you have a particular colour in mind?

We can help you implement any design choices you’d like to see with your shed, all in order to bring to life something that is truly yours.



We pride our sheds on their ability to withstand the elements too.

Despite its relatively small size, New Zealand weather can vary pretty drastically depending on the region you’re in. And since most places in the country are relatively close to the water, buildings have to be resistant to high levels of salt in our air. Furthermore, due to that big old hole in the ozone layer above us, we’ve also got to make buildings that can stand intense, direct UV rays. 

In short – buildings in New Zealand need to be built to withstand the elements. We understand this and ensure our sheds are always up to the task.

We speak from experience when we say owning a shed is awesome – but if you are having to replace or perform unneeded maintenance each passing year, that feeling will diminish in no time.

Get a shed that can hold its own against whatever the environment throws at it – we know ours can. 


Convinced? Feel free to browse our range of sheds and check our 3D shed designer to explore some of the possibilities on offer here.

It’s Now Easier to get a Barn (and Why You Should Consider it)

Hay there, have you heard the good news about barns? 


If not, we’d love to tell you about it.

Building a barn is now easier.

This used to be a bit of a process. It wasn’t just about finding land and building materials. You also had to acquire a building consent. This was a process that would take time, money, resources and require several permissions.

All this was before you can even think about building the thing. 

However, it’s been announced that single-story barns under 110m2 are now exempt from this requirement. Provided you stick to those specs, you’re good to go.

The only other catch is that you actually have to use the barn as a barn. So, as cool as converted barn bars/wedding venues/stores are, you’ll still need a building consent for this kind of work.  

But it’s worth noting that this exemption covers any sort of structure (enclosed, semi-enclosed or open) used for farming-related activities in rural areas, not just hay barns (despite the earlier pun). 

Okay, that’s great – but why should you care?

Well, despite the stereotypical idea of an old, red wooden building found on old-timey farms, modern sheds are actually an incredibly useful utility building with a range of valuable uses. KiwiSpan offers a wide range of custom barn solutions for a multitude of uses. 


Storing livestock

So using a barn as a place for keeping various animals is probably the most obvious one, but you don’t necessarily need to be a livestock farmer to make use of this.

Raising animals can not only be a profitable, and fun activity. Studies have also shown that raising children around animals can help with allergy immunities and self-confidence.

More and more people are choosing to raise chickens (scrambled eggs for breakfast anymore?), and for all the rider’s out there – barns can also serve well as a stable for horses as well.

Thanks to the recent influx of “cute cow playing with beach ball” videos online (Who would’ve thought that cats’ time in the spotlight was limited?), adopting a cow as a pet rather than a future meal has also become more popular in recent years. 


Actually, storing a lot of things.

If you have a larger property to maintain, then a barn is the perfect place to store some of your larger equipment, such as ride-on lawnmowers, without cluttering up the garage. 

KiwiSpan barns are also much more weather resistant and much more stylish than the old weighted tarpaulin solution too. In fact, even if you don’t have a fleet of farming machinery to keep out of the rain, a barn can make for a pretty solid storage option for any property, and it’s not all about work.

Barns provide plenty of storage for play too. Keeping your toys, as you can store quad bikes, cars and jet skis and boats 


Interested? Get in touch with us to see if your planned shed meets these requirements. Or feel free to browse our range of barns and other shed solutions here.

4 Ways to Make Some Pocket Money with a Shed (That Isn’t Cattle Farming)

A shed can be a lot of things, from a haven for storing all your DIY-related needs to a potential man cave to escape to for a few hours of “you-time” in the evening. 

It’s also a great little key to kickstart a side hustle. That’s right, sheds can be great little money-makers with just a bit of know-how. Despite this, it seems that farmers and woodworkers are the only ones to have realised it so far. 

This is a bit of a shame because there are actually quite a few ways to rake in a little extra dough with a shed – So we’ve put together a few ways you can too, without shearing a single sheep or milking a single cow. 


A home office for your small business


We’ve all been hard at work in the office only to catch a glimpse of the perfect summer weather going on outside. Now imagine working in an office that allowed you to take advantage of that good weather.

A shed built to function as a home office could be that very place.

There are a lot of upsides when it comes to working from home – which is probably why it’s becoming more and more common nowadays. However, it’s often nice to have a dedicated workspace, somewhere you can set up to suit your professional needs perfectly and rev up your productivity (and thus rake in more dollars).

Also, think of the money you’d save on office rental funds and petrol – not to mention the time you won’t be spending in traffic.


A sleepout for long and short term stays.


Sleepouts are a fantastic way to give yourself a bit of respite from the teenager without losing the ability to check up on them when you need to. 

But what about after the teenager finally moves out? Before you go using your sleepout as an extra storage unit, consider it’s potential as a rental accommodation first. There are always students looking to skip the student flat part of uni life – and they’re willing to pay good money to do so. 

Or perhaps you’ve decided that you’d rather not replace one young adult with another? Well then consider posting it up on Airbnb and other similar places as a short term rental property. 

Either or could sound like a pocket full of change before long. 



Growing vegetables 


Whilst we tend to think of outdoor gardens and glasshouses as the place for growing your own produce – a shed makes for a perfect place to grow (and sell) your own vegetables.

Via the use of skylights or ceiling mounted artificial lights (we can help with that), not only can you get those vegetables growing in no time, the indoor nature of shed gardens means you can continue yielding a healthy crop regardless of the weather, and all year around. 



Rental photography studio


Photographers are always on the lookout for an interesting location to rent out for a few hours on their next project. And considering the funds, they’ve already sunk into their equipment, whatever you charge will seem like a mere drop in the bucket. 

More and more people are using sheds as a darkroom for their photography needs. KiwiSpan provides several solutions that can make achieving this much easier, such as foregoing skylights, etc. 


Have we ignited your inner-entrepreneur? Then you may be interested in checking out some of the sheds we offer here. Talk to one of our licensees about your specific needs so we can customize and create a space that’s perfect for you. 

Time to Grow: KiwiSpan for Commercial Buildings

Is it time to take your business to the next level? 

Does your business require a new office space or do you have excess material and need somewhere to store it all?

If so, regardless of whether you need a new warehouse, offices, workspace or storage units, KiwiSpan’s commercial buildings will give you the space you need. 

Discover our full range below: 


Commercial buildings 

Be the envy of all your competitors, with your new KiwiSpan commercial space. 

We cater for everything from your new national head office, spacious and modern offices or showroom and retail blocks. Whatever you envision for your business we will help you achieve it. 

We specialise in designing unique buildings that fit your every need. Whether you have special layout requirements, need an open floor plan, multiple meeting rooms or a workshop outback, we can make this happen. 


Industrial building 

We are committed to building strong, durable and versatile industrial buildings that will stand the test of time. Our goal is to not only meet your expectations but exceed them. 

We understand that industrial buildings tend to take a few knocks and bumps over their lifetime. That’s why we pride ourselves on only using the strongest and highest quality materials available. 

Whether you need a workshop, warehouse or factory, we’ll tailor our designs to your needs. Ensuring your building is exactly what you need, both in the short and long-term. 


Commercial storage units 

Do you have more trucks, machinery or materials then you have space? We’ll solve that. 

Whether you need a small storage unit with a couple of bays on-site, or a large-scale storage facility, KiwiSpan will help. 

Storage requirements vary from business to business. As a result, we aim to tailor your storage building to your exact needs. We’ll take the time to understand your business, what your requirements are and how they might change in the future. From there we will design a storage unit perfect for your business. 


Why KiwiSpan

KiwiSpan offers a wide range of commercial and industrial buildings that offer unrivalled strength, style and versatility. 

Our experienced licensees can work with your team to design the premises you envision. Our one-on-one approach along with unrivalled skills and technology ensure we can turn your ideas and requirements into reality. 

A new business premise or building is a large financial commitment. So you must get it right, the first time. With KiwiSpan, you can trust this will be the outcome. 

Make sure you check out our wide array of testimonials and photos of commercial and industrial buildings we have completed. These showcase our wide array of capabilities and versatile designs. 

Talk to you local licensee today. 

A Team You Can Trust: Building With KiwiSpan

When it comes to quality sheds, KiwiSpan is a cut above the rest. Our sheds are backed by our unrivalled attention to details, premium products and material, and vast experience. 

Since 2003, we have built countless sheds that our customers have fallen in love with. We pride ourselves on providing an experience that is enjoyable, transparent and cost-effective. This is why we’re the Kiwi choice! 


Unmatched experience

KiwiSpan has been paving the way in the shed market since 2003. In this time, there is nothing our network of licensees hasn’t faced. Think you have a difficult or obscure requirement? Chances are we’ve designed and built a shed that meets your needs. 

Because of this, your KiwiSpan shed is designed specifically for you. Our approach is completely flexible. None of our sheds are built from predetermined plans. We tailor your shed to the land you have available, the intended use, weather conditions and future needs. 

Because of our experience, you have the freedom to design your perfect shed – not settle. 


Leading products and materials 

We believe in using only the highest-quality products and materials available. Because of this, the shed you build with us today will stand the test of time. 

We guarantee that our sheds will last. How can we do that? 

Because we only use the best materials. This includes New Zealand steel that is proven to withstand the harshest conditions. We use steel 0.40-0.55 gauge steel throughout our sheds. This will give you the confidence that your new shed is durable and reliable. 


Passionate licensees 

At KiwiSpan’s core is a national network of passionate and trustworthy licensees, who pride themselves on two things – their sheds and their customer service. 

Our network of licensees reaches from the cape to the bluff and everywhere in between. Every single one of our licensees possesses years of building experience, knowledge of their area and a passion for seeing happy customers. 

Throughout the entire process, our licensees have your best interests at heart. From the first meeting and initial quote, we are with you every step of the way. We’ll advise on getting building consent, manage the build process, and we’re there to cut the ribbon when completed. 


At the end of the day, we have one goal, to build a shed that you can be proud of.

Whether you are building a new man cave, workshop, place to store your toys or place of business, KiwiSpan should be the first name you think of. 

Our commitment, expertise and approach make us second to none. Discover the KiwiSpan difference today, get into touch with your local licensee or use our 3D designer tool to kickstart the process.

5 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Builder

One of the most important decisions to make when building anything of a sizable scale is choosing the right builder.

Pick anything less than the perfect partner to achieve your goals with, and you might regret it – not only during the build but down the line too.

Below, we share our top 5 tips for finding the right builder for you:



You want to work with a builder who knows their stuff, so needless to say, research is vital to a successful project. That doesn’t necessarily mean digging deep into the depths of the internet – but asking around too.

Authentic recommendations from friends and family might seem like an old-fashioned way of doing things but the best builders will be known for their reputation. Community groups and forums like Facebook are also incredibly useful for local endorsements.



It’s integral you have an idea of the skills needed for your build. Different builders have different expertise and experience, which you’ll be able to get a clearer understanding of by asking to see their portfolio.

For example, if they only have experience in renovations and extensions, they’re probably not the right choice. Enquire about the details of their previous projects – time, material, requirements – and you can compare this with your needs.



When it comes to a new building, the last thing you want to worry about are on-going repairs – which can be costly, to say the least. It’s important to check with your prospective builder what kind of products they use and the quality of their work. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can tour their past work, be sure to check references and question your builder about the materials you can’t see.



A good builder will answer all and any questions you might have about your build. They will understand the needs of the project, and moreover, want to do the best job possible for you. This means they won’t shy away from giving you answers.

If you feel communication isn’t flowing from the initial meeting, they probably aren’t the builder for you.



Talk to as many builders as you feel comfortable talking to, and then start whittling them down. We would recommend a shortlist of 3. And then, consider the 3 P’s:

  1. People
    1. Their reputation in the community
    2. The connection you have with them
  2. Process
    1. Their transparency around the process on how to help you reach your goals
    2. Their transparency around pricing
  3. Product
    1. Their experience with the type of build you have planned
    2. Their experience with the type of materials you want to use


And, if this still comes out as a level-playing field, go with your gut!


At KiwiSpan, we understand what it takes to build to last. We have years of experience in the industry and pride ourselves on supporting our clients with affordable solutions, high-quality steel and advice you can count on.


For a free estimate, drop one of your friendly experts a line today on 0800 870 078.

The 6 Secrets of a Great Building

Inexperienced engineers. Poor working standards. It’s easy to get even just the basics of a building wrong if you don’t do your research. With weather conditions becoming ever-more extreme, it’s vital that those looking to build do it right, with suppliers they can trust.

Below, we share our top 6 secrets of building a structure that will stand the test of time:



When KiwiSpan first began, we were involved with the first cold-formed buildings imported into NZ. We then went on to head an Australian franchise group, where we quickly noticed a number of Australian companies who were only interested in sales, with no attention to quality, durability and structural integrity.

We also noticed a number of discrepancies, for example, their cyclonic engineering calculations were less than NZ’s very high calculations. Fundamentally, the MPA (compression strength of high tensile steel) did not match the engineering calculations.

Under engineered buildings fail under pressure. When this failure occurs the structural members buckle and collapse. A great building starts with great design.



The manufacturing process of any product will determine the quality in supply. If you want to go super-cheap, the reality is the quality of your build is going to suffer. 

Proven suppliers take a range of variables into consideration, enabling them to accurately access and establish durability and performance of their product. This allows them to meet their requirements for warranty and durability statements. Manufacturers such as NZ Steel (NZ’s largest manufacturer) are readily available to back their product and statement of claim.



Working with a company with experience can save you thousands of dollars, so look to the well-established. For us, it’s our view that if you have:

  1. An NZ designed building 
  2. Locally supplied product with transferable warranties
  3. A nationwide company behind you with years of experience
  4. A good rapport with the company you are working with

Then you’ll experience a quality product with quality service.



Testimonials matter. If you know the company you choose has good customer satisfaction and retention, you can move forward with confidence, backed by credibility. 

All it takes is one simple question: Can I please review your current customer satisfaction file? From this, you can expect to see current authentic testimonials. If you are still in doubt of their authenticity, ask for contact details and pick up the phone. 



This is generally determined by three demographics:

  1. Usage: You may experience durability issues around doorways, and low clad areas, most of which can be replaced over time or protected further, such as the installation of door bollards, electric door openers or concrete panels.
  2. Location: Buildings located within sea spray locations will deteriorate faster than inland areas. There are cladding options available that are more suited to harsher environments (coloursteel maxx).
  3. Type of building: By this, we mean the products of which the building is manufactured from. Consider the thickness of cladding, UV protection and the roof as key factors.



A good building company will be focused on the future of your building. Look at building warranty and the materials they commonly use. Are they future-proof? Are their previous builds sturdy in structure? 

At KiwiSpan, we mostly use high tensile galvanised steel and cladding is typically ModnColour according to customer’s requirements. 


Want a Free Obligation Service?


We are a nationwide group with vast experience in the industry. To help you build the best you possibly can, we would like to offer you a free advice session before purchasing.

How? It’s easy. Just choose from one of the following options to get in touch with our friendly experts: