Buildings require regular maintenance to ensure the lifespan of the components and to meet your warranty conditions. Your KiwiSpan steel shed is no different. Without programmed maintenance aspects of your shed may degrade due to the cumulative effects of…


  • Weather.
  • Airborne contaminants.
  • Grime.
  • Debris.
  • Corrosive atmosphere (due to NZ’s extensive coastline and the salt this disperses into the air).


It makes sense to get outdoor maintenance done in spring – it’s warmer to be outside, things start drying out after the cold damp of winter, and with warmer, more settled weather ahead you know your cleaning and maintenance efforts are likely to pay off for a few months to come.



This is possibly the most important maintenance task. We’re lucky that it rains a lot in New Zealand. Rain naturally washes your shed which helps prevent degradation, however the rain can’t reach all areas of your building and doesn’t wash everything away. We recommend many parts of your KiwiSpan steel shed be cleaned multiple times through the year. This is especially important for those areas where the rain doesn’t reach. Spring is a great time to do a bigger clean that includes both the areas which need more frequent cleaning, as well as those needing less regular manual cleaning. 

We suggest the following aspects be covered in your spring clean:

  • Areas where the rain isn’t able to naturally wash your building need to be cleaned more frequently. These areas include:
    • Undersides of gutters, fascias and soffits
    • Exterior walls under the eaves
    • Garage doors
    • Around flues and television aerials 
    • Around and under solar panels, walkways and platforms.
  • Gutters and spouting, which should be cleaned several times throughout the year too.
  • Look for areas where birds like to roost and ensure droppings are cleaned off.
  • Exterior walls – while these tend to need a little less manual cleaning (depending on your environment), they still need a clean to ensure no degradation and that your warranties are maintained.
  • Interior cleaning – remove any built up dust, grime, and debris. Be sure to remove animal nests and droppings too. This is particularly important for sheds in rural areas and on farms.


Cleaning methods

When cleaning steel sheds, KiwiSpan recommend either:

  • Using fresh water and a soft bristled nylon brush, or, 
  • Water blasting at pressures no more than 1000 psi.

If you have any lichen, fungus, or pollen, some cleaning solutions will be needed to properly remove the problem. Please consult your individual maintenance guide for information on cleaning products and how to deal with the problem in a way that won’t harm your shed. (On completion of a KiwiSpan shed, all new shed owners receive a maintenance guide which is specific to their shed.)


Rust checks

Visually inspect the structure and cladding for any signs of rust. KiwiSpan use galvanised steel coatings which come with fifteen years of corrosion protection; however it’s still important to check the cladding for rust. The galvanised coating is a sacrificial layer that protects the strong steel base underneath. This coating may be damaged by scrapes and bumps as well as longer term degradation due to the elements. 

Look for rust stains or the growth of rust spots – at the first sign of rust, talk to your local KiwiSpan team who’ll talk you through the appropriate maintenance coating system. 

At any stage, you can reference the full maintenance guide created by KiwiSpan for your unique shed. The good news is that with a KiwiSpan shed, you don’t need to get out sandpaper and paint brushes as part of your maintenance schedule!

Whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial building you need, KiwiSpan has a customised shed solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.


There’s a lot to consider in today’s market before taking the next step in your construction portfolio. Security, business potential, and brand identity can take years to build – especially in a quickly-changing market.

KiwiSpan offers experienced construction professionals the opportunity to own and operate their business with ongoing support from Donovan Group. With a national reputation for excellence, Donovan Group provides added security and growth opportunities for KiwiSpan licensees.


Is now the time to invest in a construction business?

It’s no secret that the construction industry is currently facing unprecedented challenges. Delayed shipping, limited supply, and rising petrol prices are being met with increased pressure and frustration from clients. It’s not an easy time to be an independent building professional.

With inflation on the rise and uncertainties clouding the future, it’s important to invest in security for your next business venture. Joining the KiwiSpan license network allows experienced construction professionals to maintain their independence as a business owner, while also reaping the benefits of a strong national support system.

Donovan Group has a proven track record of developing strong license systems, modelled to support each business owner with ongoing training, marketing exposure and engineering expertise. Plus, licensing has a lower statistical risk of failure – even through uncertain times.


Ongoing training and support

Working with Donovan Group means joining a network of driven business minds who consistently look for ways to improve, innovate and perform at a higher standard.

Part of being a licensee is receiving training through the KiwiSpan Support Office. Our Commercial Manager regularly visits licensees to monitor progress, and help achieve business and revenue goals. She also facilitates regional catch-ups for the network, as well as our annual conference, where licensees are able to share ideas, develop stronger relationships, and positively grow as business professionals.

Day-to-day support is also available with full access to Donovan Group’s in-house engineers. Being a part of the network allows licensees valuable support from experts with a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge.


Marketing an established brand

KiwiSpan is one of the leading New Zealand brands for quality and experience. Operating under the name offers new licensees immediate business momentum and authority in the industry.

The national marketing team delivers cutting-edge exposure of the KiwiSpan brand on an industry-wide scale – while also providing individualised support for local marketing initiatives.

KiwiSpan promotes the success of each licensee with the Donovan Group reputation for quality and innovation. A national backing doesn’t just offer clear and proven marketing tactics – it also helps provide a sense of security to new clients.


National pricing agreements

Quoting and costing in a constantly shifting market can put additional pressure and risk onto independent business owners.

KiwiSpan licensees can predict better financial stability with national pricing agreements for top-quality inventory and supply. The collective buying power of Donovan Group means immediate and significant savings for material costs when operating under the KiwiSpan brand.


We are dedicated to long-term partnerships with our licensees. More than half of the current KiwiSpan business owners have been operating for over ten years. We believe that speaks to the ongoing strength and support offered through Donovan Group.

To learn more about KiwiSpan’s licensee opportunities and our territories for sale, get in touch with our expert business team.


New Zealand is a great country with many freedoms… one of which is the right to build your own shed. It’s not for everyone though. If you’re considering building your own shed, there are two main areas to ensure you have covered off; your local council rules, and the skills required to actually construct a shed. Let’s look at these in more detail.


Rules and regulations 

Like with any other building, a new shed may require council consent or a building permit. This is to ensure a safe structure is created that doesn’t infringe on the rights of your neighbours or the local community. Before building a shed, you may need answers to questions such as…

  • Do I need a permit?
  • What’s the biggest shed I can build without needing permits?
  • How close to the fence or boundary can my shed be?
  • How high can I build a shed without needing permission?
  • Can I put a toilet in my shed?

As you plan a new shed design, it’s important you’re clear about what you can legally do. If you choose to build your own shed, it’s your responsibility to comply with local rules and regulations. If you get things wrong you may be required to remove the structure at your own cost. If you have any uncertainty in this area, it’s a good sign you should consider working with expert shed builders rather than attempting to build your own shed.


Building skills and the quality of workmanship

Everybody sets out to build a shed that’s safe and structurally sound, however it’s easy to get things wrong. Before you attempt to build your own shed, you should be comfortable answering questions like…

  • Do I need foundations?
  • Do I have the skills to build and erect a level shed?
  • Can I follow the building plans?
  • Am I capable of installing windows and doors, and ensuring they both work and are watertight?! Or will I need to hire someone to help me with this component? 

In most cases, building a shed is not as complex as say a house or a commercial building. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy and without its challenges. It may seem obvious that skill and experience go a long way towards successfully building a safe, strong, good looking shed.


Kitset sheds

People often look to kitsets as a way of building your own shed where some of the work has been done for you. With a kitset shed you typically buy a building design, and get the materials required to build that shed design. It’s up to you then to put the pieces together.

A kitset can often cost less than getting a shed fully built and installed for you, and that’s because you don’t get everything with a kitset shed. The great thing about working with KiwiSpan is that you have the flexibility to get as much or as little support as you need. It’s your choice which tasks we complete and which you’d like to do yourself. For example:

  • Council permits and confirmation that building a particular shed in the place you wish to put it, is actually legal.
  • Putting a solid and level foundation in place for your kitset shed.
  • Constructing your shed and ensuring a sound, level, water-tight structure with properly functioning windows and doors.

If you’d like the full build experience, just the kitset, or something in between, KiwiSpan can customise the offering so you get exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t want. If you’re at all unsure about kitsets, it can save time, money, and a whole lot of stress by talking to our experts from the beginning. KiwiSpan support you all the way through your shed building journey, regardless of how involved in the build phase we are.

Whether it’s a workshop, tool shed, or commercial building, KiwiSpan has a customised shed solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.


Before committing to a new steel shed, it pays to get into the nitty-gritty of your quotes and see if you’re really comparing apples with apples. Not all steel sheds are created equal and it’s worth checking the details to understand exactly what you’re getting before you buy.

At KiwiSpan we’re transparent about what you’re getting because we stand by the quality of our buildings. We’re proud of the work we do and believe differences in our buildings make a significant difference to the value of your shed – now and in the future. 


Thicker steel = greater structural durability

When your shed is built with a heavier grade of steel, you can rest easy knowing it’s built to last. KiwiSpan uses a thicker steel that is better able to withstand harsh conditions as well as bumps and knocks. So not only is your shed going to be strong and reliable, it will look good for longer too.


Stronger connections = a stronger shed

KiwiSpan chooses to use heavy duty bolts rather than lightweight tek screws, giving a stronger connection. All sheds are made up of many parts, and the stronger the connections between those parts, the stronger the overall build is. Our bolts also look a lot tidier than lots of messy screws, giving the inside of your shed a more streamlined visual aesthetic. 


Knee braces = more usable space

With the same dimensions on paper, a KiwiSpan shed will give you more usable space because we don’t use knee braces. Knee braces protrude into the internal space and can limit your storage and manoeuvering area. KiwiSpan’s smart designs allow for bigger sheds to be built without knee braces, optimising your space from top-to-bottom, and helping you make the most of every square meter.

The clear open spans of a KiwiSpan shed also allow for greater visibility with a clean and clear visual appearance.

The team at KiwiSpan are always happy to discuss these features with you, and can show you the parts to enhance your understanding of the impact. With KiwiSpan, you get a steel shed that offers greater usability right away, and retains strong value in the longer term. 

Whether it’s a commercial building, a garage, or something in between, KiwiSpan has a customised shed solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.


When you need more storage, or a place to run your business from, or space to better explore your hobbies, there are a lot of options to consider. Deciding on a new shed gives you the benefit of a whole new area for your activity. Here are three key reasons why you should choose to build that new shed with KiwiSpan.


1) Customised shed design

Whatever you need from a shed, KiwiSpan will design a shed that’s just for you. It’s completely customised. Your shed will have a unique combination of size, shape, openings, colour, steel profile, roof style, etc. and you can choose how open or enclosed your space is. It all adds up to flexibility. With KiwiSpan we understand your needs then create a new shed that fits on the land you have available and meets your budget.

Understanding how you’re going to use the space is vital, it means KiwiSpan are able to design a shed that returns the most value to you. Our 3D shed builder tool allows you to design a shed yourself and create visual drawings in real time. Your local licensee then contacts you to discuss your shed design and to give you a quote – this stage gives us the opportunity to add years of expertise to your shed design and ensure the shed is best designed to suit your needs. Our 3D builder helps you visualise the possibilities and see exactly what you’re getting.

Customisation sounds expensive, however the price is really no different than buying off the plan. Value however is significantly greater when you have a shed that’s tailored to your exact needs.


2) Strong, durable steel sheds

KiwiSpan sheds are built to last – more so than some other options because we use heavier steel. The thicker steel in KiwiSpan sheds helps your shed withstand the harshest conditions. You can rest easy knowing your shed is strong and reliable, and will stand the test of time.

As well as thicker steel, we choose to use heavy duty bolts rather than tek screws. Heavy duty bolts benefit you with;

  • A stronger connection, and a more structurally sound build
  • A more streamlined internal aesthetic without lots of messy screws
  • A shed that stands strong offers you better value for money in the long term too. It will be there for years to come for you, and is a great asset on your property when it’s time to sell.


3) Experienced design and build team

When you choose KiwiSpan, you benefit from years of experience and our knowledgeable design and build teams. Knowing we’ve been in business since 2003 gives you the confidence we know what we’re doing, and we’re here to back up our work.

We have a nationwide network of experienced licensees, all fully owned and operated here in New Zealand, so there’s bound to be a local shed expert near you. Across New Zealand the building compliance and council requirements differ, and our local teams are expert in navigating these regulations. Plus they have all the advice and support you need, and a passion for delivering the perfect shed just for you.

Whether it’s space for hobbies or a dedicated business building, KiwiSpan has a customised shed solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.


Owning a business is no small feat, and nobody knows that better than our KiwiSpan network. The network consists of over 20 independently owned licenses, that are based throughout the country. Together, they have helped build KiwiSpan’s reputation as one of New Zealand’s most trusted steel shed suppliers.


Here at KiwiSpan, we don’t let hard work go unnoticed. Every year, we hold an annual national Conference to host the network, share company updates, and most importantly, recognise those who stood out for their exceptional work and business savvy. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we weren’t able to host the Awards Ceremony in person but we look forward to the event taking place later this year in Wellington.


We’re proud to announce the winners of the 2021 KiwiSpan Licensee Awards are:


Licensee of the Year – KiwiSpan New Plymouth

Owner and operator Joel Schrader, alongside his team, are awarded KiwiSpan’s top award for New Plymouth’s all-around commitment to driving success in their business.


Licensee of the Year Runner Up – KiwiSpan North & West Auckland

This award recognises KiwiSpan North & West Auckland’s relentless pursuit of success and their outstanding performance during 2021.


Highest Sales Achievement – KiwiSpan Waikato

This award recognises Waikato’s determination to succeed, and their admirable sales to show for it.


Highest Sales Growth – KiwiSpan Whakatane

Gary and Deb Woollett, along with the Whakatane team, received this award for their ongoing dedication to sales, and their drive to achieve great results.


Operational Excellence – KiwiSpan New Plymouth

Behind the numbers and margins, a great business is operated with integrity and efficiency. Joel Schrader and the New Plymouth team have shown excellence in operations in New Plymouth.


Operational Excellence Runner Up – KiwiSpan Rotorua

Phil Clark and Jacquie Mcleod, demonstrated outstanding leadership and efficiency throughout their Rotorua business.


Regional Marketing Champion – KiwiSpan Wairarapa

Relatively new on the KiwiSpan block, Tonya Harrison and Rowan Thornton from Wairarapa showed creativity and enthusiasm when it came to marketing in their local community and driving exposure for their business.


Regional Marketing Champion – KiwiSpan Rotorua

When it comes to marketing, there aren’t many that do it like Phil Clark and Jacquie Mcleod from the Rotorua region. The Rotorua team showed great initiative, resourcefulness and creative thinking in 2021.


Network Appreciation Award – James Marsh

As the owner and operator of the Wellington and Kapiti Coast licenses, James secured the ‘good bugger award’ by consistently contributing positively to the network and showing support for other KiwiSpan business owners and their success.


As a nation, we are known for our love of the great outdoors – and we’re spoiled with beautiful landscapes to explore and enjoy. To ’truly experience the outdoors’, many Kiwis invest in boats or caravans. Of course we then need somewhere to keep these prized possessions safe and sound.
Protect your boat and caravan from the environment

The team at KiwiSpan can show you a range of boat storage sheds and caravan storage sheds that protect your vehicles from the harsh Kiwi elements, from birds, mice and other wildlife, and from the unwanted attention of thieves. Because all of our sheds are made from thick, durable steel, you can trust a KiwiSpan shed to offer your boat or caravan long lasting protection from the environment.
Customised storage sheds

All KiwiSpan steel storage sheds are completely customised, so we’ll design protection to suit your needs. This includes size and shape, and also the extent of coverage and security required. We’ll work with you to decide if your shed needs to be completely enclosed, or could be partially open at the sides and/or ends.
As well as physical design, we’ll customise the aesthetics to ensure your boat or caravan storage shed fits in with any surrounding buildings and the landscape. We work with you on aspects such as the style, cladding profiles, and colours.
Have your own storage shed for convenience

If you’re serious about owning a boat or caravan for any length of time, your best option is to have storage at home for easy access and the ultimate convenience. Some people resort to offsite storage facilities given the low up-front costs. However the lack of convenience with offsite storage ultimately impacts the usability of your pleasure vehicle. What’s more, this expense may be wasted as you end up investing in your own storage shed anyway!
Building your own storage shed ensures your asset is protected and gives you the convenience of having your boat and caravan at your fingertips whenever you need access. Whether it’s a storage shed, garage, or mixed use shed, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

Steel sheds are incredibly versatile and are a popular choice in many environments. Like the rest of the building industry, there are some major trends shaping the construction and utilisation of steel sheds. Here, KiwiSpan shares some of the trends facing steel shed construction today.

  • Sustainability
  • Sustainability is a huge trend across many industries and construction is no exception. In construction this trend focuses on using renewable and sustainable products, and designing more energy efficient buildings. KiwiSpan build steel sheds, and steel is both recyclable and very durable. It’s a kinder choice for the environment with lower maintenance requirements too. The growing demand for sustainable buildings makes KiwiSpan a great choice for your commercial or industrial shed.

  • Flexibility
  • While steel sheds are well suited to a range of industrial and commercial businesses, the need for increased flexibility is also a trend we’re seeing. The springs used in cars are made from steel because it’s flexible, and this flexibility also allows steel structures to vibrate and still hold their shape. Using steel, architects can introduce long spans and unique designs to a building, allowing for beautiful and functional spaces to be created. We are seeing a wider range of industries realise this flexibility and consider a quality steel shed for their place of business. 

  • Colours
  • On trend colours always shift slightly from year to year and your local KiwiSpan team can give you guidance on the colours that are coming into popularity. Right now, various shades of grey including charcoal and black are very trendy. Colour popularity however, can differ by industry e.g. in the agricultural sector, red is always a popular choice.

These are some of the key trends we’re seeing at the moment and there are sure to be more changes as the construction industry continues to evolve. Whatever the trends, you can rest assured that the team at KiwiSpan are experts in the industry. We’ll guide you through any shifts and changes when it comes to choosing the right steel shed for your needs. 
Whether it’s a garage shed, workshop, commercial or industrial shed, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

Rowan Thornton and Tonya Harrison first opened the KiwiSpan Wairarapa franchise in late October 2020, and the following months were a whirlwind of hard work, reward, challenge, delight and many learning curves.


Rowan and his partner Tonya were drawn to KiwiSpan for many reasons. The New Zealand brand, founded in 2003, designs and builds quality steel sheds that are tailored specifically to every customer. The Wairarapa team were excited by the product and reputation of KiwiSpan, as well as the opportunity for growth in their region. Tonya says that at its core, the business helps deliver dream sheds to everyday Kiwi’s around the country. 


When the two saw the chance to own and operate their own KiwiSpan business, Rowan and Tonya jumped at the opportunity. It was a natural step for the couple who were craving to get more out of their respective careers and build something for themselves that would provide financial stability for their growing family. Before owning KiwiSpan, Rowan and Tonya founded RTC Construction, mainly subcontracting in the shed building industry. The pair say that owning their own construction business prepared them well for the career change and was a great stepping stone to KiwiSpan.


As a jack of all trades with experience in structural engineering, Rowan is no stranger to a construction site. He spends his time running all of the day-to-day duties on the building site. A typical day for Rowan includes managing customer quotes, visiting potential clients on site, liaising with subcontractors, organising material deliveries and overseeing projects. Tonya’s background is predominantly in administration and marketing, and much of her role in the business is supporting Rowan in delivering a seamless customer experience. Her duties include paying bills, invoicing out claims, and implementing marketing activity in their local community. It’s a perfect balance!


Tonya and Rowan knew from day one that they wanted to build a strong team around them. While their team is small and close-knit, every single member has been instrumental to their early success and navigating the challenges of starting a new business. 


What they didn’t expect was the rapid first year growth of the business. Being in a location that was previously trading very little, Tonya and Rowan exceeded KiwiSpan’s own expectations within their first year of trading. In fact, the Wairarapa team have even rivalled their neighbouring regions in sales which is an impressive feat for the newcomers. It goes to show that Rowan and Tonya’s strengths, while different, are a great combination for success. 


While this growth has been incredibly rewarding, it has brought challenges around ensuring that they could still deliver a high level of customer service. Adding Tonya’s sister Emelia to the team as an Office Assistant has been a great way to handle the increase in enquiry, while Tonya says it’s been rewarding to watch her sister flourish in the role. 


When asked if purchasing a KiwiSpan business was the right move for them, the couple said yes – 100%. Even though it is hard work, and there are some late nights, the couple are proud to be working towards financial stability for their family. More than that, they’re proud to be involved in a collaborative network that supports them while delivering “cool-as” buildings!


If you’re interested in purchasing your own KiwiSpan license, you can learn more about our territories for sale here.



If you’re considering building a new shed, one of the biggest questions, if not the biggest, is ‘What will it cost?’. The answer to that is simple: it depends on the decisions you make.

At KiwiSpan all of our sheds are custom-made and tailored specifically to each individual customer, so each quote is different. We gather some key pieces of information from you to provide an accurate quote. It’s important to us that we don’t charge you for things that you don’t need, and likewise we don’t believe in providing you with a base level quote that has a long list of exclusions which you’d be charged extra for.

Transparency up-front means you know exactly what you’re getting and only pay for what you actually need. Read on to learn about the decisions you need to make that define the design of your new shed, and it’s price tag.

One of the biggest contributors to the cost is size. Consider how big you need your new shed to be, and whether you need all of that space to be fully enclosed or if some areas could be open on the ends or sides?

Openings and access points are another key consideration as the number and type of doors can make  a difference to your shed cost. This includes roller or sectional garage doors, whether they’re manual or remote, personal access doors, and sliding doors. Another opening to think about is a window, which can add a lot of value to workshop and storage spaces alike. The number and size of windows will impact your shed price, and in some situations the use of clear perspex panels will do the job.

Partitions and mezzanine floors are all possible and can give you great space utilisation, but again they impact your shed price. Have a clear idea of what you need versus what is ‘nice to have’ depending on your budget.

Finishing details are another big component of your quote. We’ll ask you to make decisions about the internal walls and insulation requirements, as well as exterior cladding including roof and gutters.

If you can answer these questions then you’ve probably put some good thought into a new shed design and know exactly what you need from the space. Now’s a great time to get a quote for your new shed.

Whether it’s a garage shed, workshop, sleepout or carport, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.