Buildings require regular maintenance to ensure the lifespan of the components and to meet your warranty conditions. Your KiwiSpan steel shed is no different. Without programmed maintenance aspects of your shed may degrade due to the cumulative effects of…


  • Weather.
  • Airborne contaminants.
  • Grime.
  • Debris.
  • Corrosive atmosphere (due to NZ’s extensive coastline and the salt this disperses into the air).


It makes sense to get outdoor maintenance done in spring – it’s warmer to be outside, things start drying out after the cold damp of winter, and with warmer, more settled weather ahead you know your cleaning and maintenance efforts are likely to pay off for a few months to come.



This is possibly the most important maintenance task. We’re lucky that it rains a lot in New Zealand. Rain naturally washes your shed which helps prevent degradation, however the rain can’t reach all areas of your building and doesn’t wash everything away. We recommend many parts of your KiwiSpan steel shed be cleaned multiple times through the year. This is especially important for those areas where the rain doesn’t reach. Spring is a great time to do a bigger clean that includes both the areas which need more frequent cleaning, as well as those needing less regular manual cleaning. 

We suggest the following aspects be covered in your spring clean:

  • Areas where the rain isn’t able to naturally wash your building need to be cleaned more frequently. These areas include:
    • Undersides of gutters, fascias and soffits
    • Exterior walls under the eaves
    • Garage doors
    • Around flues and television aerials 
    • Around and under solar panels, walkways and platforms.
  • Gutters and spouting, which should be cleaned several times throughout the year too.
  • Look for areas where birds like to roost and ensure droppings are cleaned off.
  • Exterior walls – while these tend to need a little less manual cleaning (depending on your environment), they still need a clean to ensure no degradation and that your warranties are maintained.
  • Interior cleaning – remove any built up dust, grime, and debris. Be sure to remove animal nests and droppings too. This is particularly important for sheds in rural areas and on farms.


Cleaning methods

When cleaning steel sheds, KiwiSpan recommend either:

  • Using fresh water and a soft bristled nylon brush, or, 
  • Water blasting at pressures no more than 1000 psi.

If you have any lichen, fungus, or pollen, some cleaning solutions will be needed to properly remove the problem. Please consult your individual maintenance guide for information on cleaning products and how to deal with the problem in a way that won’t harm your shed. (On completion of a KiwiSpan shed, all new shed owners receive a maintenance guide which is specific to their shed.)


Rust checks

Visually inspect the structure and cladding for any signs of rust. KiwiSpan use galvanised steel coatings which come with fifteen years of corrosion protection; however it’s still important to check the cladding for rust. The galvanised coating is a sacrificial layer that protects the strong steel base underneath. This coating may be damaged by scrapes and bumps as well as longer term degradation due to the elements. 

Look for rust stains or the growth of rust spots – at the first sign of rust, talk to your local KiwiSpan team who’ll talk you through the appropriate maintenance coating system. 

At any stage, you can reference the full maintenance guide created by KiwiSpan for your unique shed. The good news is that with a KiwiSpan shed, you don’t need to get out sandpaper and paint brushes as part of your maintenance schedule!

Whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial building you need, KiwiSpan has a customised shed solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.


Fieldtorque is Taranaki’s most experienced tractor and farm machinery team. A family-owned and operated business, Fieldtorque was started in 2006 by David and Kathryn Hinton. 15 years later, in May 2021 the business moved into a new premise with a modern, custom designed KiwiSpan building. We spoke to David’s son Carl Hinton, now the General Manager & Director, about their experience with KiwiSpan.


Why did you choose KiwiSpan?

We chose Joel and the team at KiwiSpan because we found them easy to get on with and talk to. We knew that with a project of our size things would come up along the way, and we needed a building partner who was approachable and easy to communicate with. We made the right decision.

KiwiSpan was competitive on price, but it wasn’t just about price for us… the total value is what we were looking at. The detailed upfront conversations about how the building would be constructed really made a difference in our decision to go with KiwiSpan i.e. heavier steel, without knee braces, and using bolts instead of tek screws. We wanted a solid building that would last, without incurring downtime and costs on repairs.


How was the communication from KiwiSpan?

Throughout the project communication was good. During the design stage, Joel was incredibly patient as every ten minutes we were tearing up plans and making changes! Our Project Manager, Mike Preston, also had a lot of involvement in this stage so between ourselves, Joel and Mike, we had great ideas and advice… it just took a few rounds to test out all of our thinking. And the original plan Joel drew up didn’t really change much, just a few hallways and offices changed a bit. It shows how well Joel had listened to us. Right from the start he understood our business and what we needed.

Once the build started, Joel put a site foreman on the project and he was great for day-to-day updates and discussing things as they cropped up. He kept on top of anything we discussed with the electrician, the cameraman etc, and communicated it all back to Joel. Then Joel showed up regularly to check in, and discuss progress and the impact of any changes we’d made. He also covered off any possible supply issues, which were just starting to kick in as we finished the project.


Did KiwiSpan keep within budget?

Yes, the washup of our budget at the end was where we expected. Everyone always tells you to allow for 10%-15% over and that was right for us… however we’d added lots of little extras so knew we’d bumped up the spend too. For example, talking to the electricians when they were on site allowed us to customise how many power points there were and their positioning, and change the lighting to better suit our usage… we knew changes like these would increase the costs a little but it was worth it to get things exactly right for us.


Would you recommend KiwiSpan?

Yes, every time. We had such a good experience with Joel and the team and they really pulled out all the stops to support our business moving premises and working from split locations during the build phase.

The new building has worked out fantastic, even giving us the ability to grow beyond our expectations. Our turnover has lifted due to the sharp new presence and modern look. The appearance of our building is smart – it’s welcoming and customer friendly, and it’s really nice to have people walk into a building we’re proud of. This building better represents Fieldtorque and the business we always wanted to be seen as.


Do you have any advice for other business owners looking for a new building?

Firstly, take your time with the design work. Spend time doing your research and planning things out – that way when you’re ready to go, there’ll be no holdups and less scope changes throughout the build. One of the best things we did was go out and visit a lot of other tractor dealerships. We learnt a lot by looking at their facilities, how they had things laid out, and the way they went about their business. We took the best of all their ideas and our own!

Also, remember there are a lot of hidden costs you don’t think of. It’s not just the building, but all the other stuff that comes with having a new building. Think about if you’ll need new furniture – we didn’t want to put our old furniture in this smart new building, it didn’t look right… but it cost quite a bit to replace it all. Then there are things like building signage, new showroom displays etc. Our new building wasn’t just a new building, it was a whole new front for our business and we invested in all these extras, and we are really pleased with the final result and it’s reflected in our increased turnover, but if you don’t plan for it, the extra costs could catch you out.

My last piece of advice would be to share the load. With a build of this size, you can’t just have one guy making all the decisions and trying to think of everything. We split it by out-the-back functionality versus all the showroom and external signage stuff. It was great to have a few people from our business working on this – there was always someone to bounce ideas off and bring a different perspective. We definitely got a better result this way.

Like Fieldtorque, a customised steel shed may be just what your business needs. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

New Zealand is a great country with many freedoms… one of which is the right to build your own shed. It’s not for everyone though. If you’re considering building your own shed, there are two main areas to ensure you have covered off; your local council rules, and the skills required to actually construct a shed. Let’s look at these in more detail.


Rules and regulations 

Like with any other building, a new shed may require council consent or a building permit. This is to ensure a safe structure is created that doesn’t infringe on the rights of your neighbours or the local community. Before building a shed, you may need answers to questions such as…

  • Do I need a permit?
  • What’s the biggest shed I can build without needing permits?
  • How close to the fence or boundary can my shed be?
  • How high can I build a shed without needing permission?
  • Can I put a toilet in my shed?

As you plan a new shed design, it’s important you’re clear about what you can legally do. If you choose to build your own shed, it’s your responsibility to comply with local rules and regulations. If you get things wrong you may be required to remove the structure at your own cost. If you have any uncertainty in this area, it’s a good sign you should consider working with expert shed builders rather than attempting to build your own shed.


Building skills and the quality of workmanship

Everybody sets out to build a shed that’s safe and structurally sound, however it’s easy to get things wrong. Before you attempt to build your own shed, you should be comfortable answering questions like…

  • Do I need foundations?
  • Do I have the skills to build and erect a level shed?
  • Can I follow the building plans?
  • Am I capable of installing windows and doors, and ensuring they both work and are watertight?! Or will I need to hire someone to help me with this component? 

In most cases, building a shed is not as complex as say a house or a commercial building. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy and without its challenges. It may seem obvious that skill and experience go a long way towards successfully building a safe, strong, good looking shed.


Kitset sheds

People often look to kitsets as a way of building your own shed where some of the work has been done for you. With a kitset shed you typically buy a building design, and get the materials required to build that shed design. It’s up to you then to put the pieces together.

A kitset can often cost less than getting a shed fully built and installed for you, and that’s because you don’t get everything with a kitset shed. The great thing about working with KiwiSpan is that you have the flexibility to get as much or as little support as you need. It’s your choice which tasks we complete and which you’d like to do yourself. For example:

  • Council permits and confirmation that building a particular shed in the place you wish to put it, is actually legal.
  • Putting a solid and level foundation in place for your kitset shed.
  • Constructing your shed and ensuring a sound, level, water-tight structure with properly functioning windows and doors.

If you’d like the full build experience, just the kitset, or something in between, KiwiSpan can customise the offering so you get exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t want. If you’re at all unsure about kitsets, it can save time, money, and a whole lot of stress by talking to our experts from the beginning. KiwiSpan support you all the way through your shed building journey, regardless of how involved in the build phase we are.

Whether it’s a workshop, tool shed, or commercial building, KiwiSpan has a customised shed solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.


Before committing to a new steel shed, it pays to get into the nitty-gritty of your quotes and see if you’re really comparing apples with apples. Not all steel sheds are created equal and it’s worth checking the details to understand exactly what you’re getting before you buy.

At KiwiSpan we’re transparent about what you’re getting because we stand by the quality of our buildings. We’re proud of the work we do and believe differences in our buildings make a significant difference to the value of your shed – now and in the future. 


Thicker steel = greater structural durability

When your shed is built with a heavier grade of steel, you can rest easy knowing it’s built to last. KiwiSpan uses a thicker steel that is better able to withstand harsh conditions as well as bumps and knocks. So not only is your shed going to be strong and reliable, it will look good for longer too.


Stronger connections = a stronger shed

KiwiSpan chooses to use heavy duty bolts rather than lightweight tek screws, giving a stronger connection. All sheds are made up of many parts, and the stronger the connections between those parts, the stronger the overall build is. Our bolts also look a lot tidier than lots of messy screws, giving the inside of your shed a more streamlined visual aesthetic. 


Knee braces = more usable space

With the same dimensions on paper, a KiwiSpan shed will give you more usable space because we don’t use knee braces. Knee braces protrude into the internal space and can limit your storage and manoeuvering area. KiwiSpan’s smart designs allow for bigger sheds to be built without knee braces, optimising your space from top-to-bottom, and helping you make the most of every square meter.

The clear open spans of a KiwiSpan shed also allow for greater visibility with a clean and clear visual appearance.

The team at KiwiSpan are always happy to discuss these features with you, and can show you the parts to enhance your understanding of the impact. With KiwiSpan, you get a steel shed that offers greater usability right away, and retains strong value in the longer term. 

Whether it’s a commercial building, a garage, or something in between, KiwiSpan has a customised shed solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.


When you need more storage, or a place to run your business from, or space to better explore your hobbies, there are a lot of options to consider. Deciding on a new shed gives you the benefit of a whole new area for your activity. Here are three key reasons why you should choose to build that new shed with KiwiSpan.


1) Customised shed design

Whatever you need from a shed, KiwiSpan will design a shed that’s just for you. It’s completely customised. Your shed will have a unique combination of size, shape, openings, colour, steel profile, roof style, etc. and you can choose how open or enclosed your space is. It all adds up to flexibility. With KiwiSpan we understand your needs then create a new shed that fits on the land you have available and meets your budget.

Understanding how you’re going to use the space is vital, it means KiwiSpan are able to design a shed that returns the most value to you. Our 3D shed builder tool allows you to design a shed yourself and create visual drawings in real time. Your local licensee then contacts you to discuss your shed design and to give you a quote – this stage gives us the opportunity to add years of expertise to your shed design and ensure the shed is best designed to suit your needs. Our 3D builder helps you visualise the possibilities and see exactly what you’re getting.

Customisation sounds expensive, however the price is really no different than buying off the plan. Value however is significantly greater when you have a shed that’s tailored to your exact needs.


2) Strong, durable steel sheds

KiwiSpan sheds are built to last – more so than some other options because we use heavier steel. The thicker steel in KiwiSpan sheds helps your shed withstand the harshest conditions. You can rest easy knowing your shed is strong and reliable, and will stand the test of time.

As well as thicker steel, we choose to use heavy duty bolts rather than tek screws. Heavy duty bolts benefit you with;

  • A stronger connection, and a more structurally sound build
  • A more streamlined internal aesthetic without lots of messy screws
  • A shed that stands strong offers you better value for money in the long term too. It will be there for years to come for you, and is a great asset on your property when it’s time to sell.


3) Experienced design and build team

When you choose KiwiSpan, you benefit from years of experience and our knowledgeable design and build teams. Knowing we’ve been in business since 2003 gives you the confidence we know what we’re doing, and we’re here to back up our work.

We have a nationwide network of experienced licensees, all fully owned and operated here in New Zealand, so there’s bound to be a local shed expert near you. Across New Zealand the building compliance and council requirements differ, and our local teams are expert in navigating these regulations. Plus they have all the advice and support you need, and a passion for delivering the perfect shed just for you.

Whether it’s space for hobbies or a dedicated business building, KiwiSpan has a customised shed solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.


Investing in your business with a KiwiSpan commercial building contributes to asset growth in multiple ways. Here we outline some of the key benefits your business may realise.


Longevity – KiwiSpan sheds are built to last

Our sheds are made with extra thick steel, meaning they really are built to last. Heavier gauge steel is more effective in providing structural integrity than relying just on a concrete floor – the extra quality ensures your commercial building holds up to the elements better, for longer.

We go one step further and use heavy duty bolts, which offer a stronger connection than the tek screws commonly used elsewhere.

Investing in a stronger shed ensures your investment lasts the distance.


Workspace versatility

A KiwiSpan commercial shed gives you a large open space, in which you can undertake a wide range of activities. This versatility not only gives you endless possibilities in how you use your business space, but it makes your asset more widely appealing to prospective purchasers too. Put simply, its worth investing in versatility as it boosts your business value should the time to sell ever eventuate.


Optimised space utilisation

Many commercial sheds use knee braces which can be quite obtrusive. In contrast, KiwiSpan commercial buildings don’t use knee braces which creates value on many levels:

  • You’ll have more usable space i.e. increased capacity.
  • Increased functionality, as the extra space gives you more ways to layout and utilise your space.
  • Stronger visual appeal without the clutter of knee braces.

Also, mezzanine floors in a KiwiSpan shed won’t be cut off by knee braces. So if you’re after a mezzanine, this is another benefit of choosing to build with KiwiSpan. The absence of knee braces doesn’t detract from the strength of your KiwiSpan building. It’s a smart design choice focused on creating optimal functionality and storage in your shed.


Return on investment

A key benefit of investing in a KiwiSpan commercial shed is its return on investment versus a traditional building. You’ll yield a much higher income than if you invested in a similarly sized home.


Aesthetic appeal

The mention of commercial sheds may bring to mind images of large factories… however this is quite a dated perception. Commercial sheds can be very visually appealing. The clever team at KiwiSpan are experienced in balancing attractive designs with strong functionality. This balanced design approach adds extra value to your investment.

If you’re looking for a commercial or industrial building for your business, a KiwiSpan shed is the smart choice.

Whether it’s a large or small building, commercial or industrial, and focused on office, manufacturing, workshop or retail types of use, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.


As a nation, we are known for our love of the great outdoors – and we’re spoiled with beautiful landscapes to explore and enjoy. To ’truly experience the outdoors’, many Kiwis invest in boats or caravans. Of course we then need somewhere to keep these prized possessions safe and sound.
Protect your boat and caravan from the environment

The team at KiwiSpan can show you a range of boat storage sheds and caravan storage sheds that protect your vehicles from the harsh Kiwi elements, from birds, mice and other wildlife, and from the unwanted attention of thieves. Because all of our sheds are made from thick, durable steel, you can trust a KiwiSpan shed to offer your boat or caravan long lasting protection from the environment.
Customised storage sheds

All KiwiSpan steel storage sheds are completely customised, so we’ll design protection to suit your needs. This includes size and shape, and also the extent of coverage and security required. We’ll work with you to decide if your shed needs to be completely enclosed, or could be partially open at the sides and/or ends.
As well as physical design, we’ll customise the aesthetics to ensure your boat or caravan storage shed fits in with any surrounding buildings and the landscape. We work with you on aspects such as the style, cladding profiles, and colours.
Have your own storage shed for convenience

If you’re serious about owning a boat or caravan for any length of time, your best option is to have storage at home for easy access and the ultimate convenience. Some people resort to offsite storage facilities given the low up-front costs. However the lack of convenience with offsite storage ultimately impacts the usability of your pleasure vehicle. What’s more, this expense may be wasted as you end up investing in your own storage shed anyway!
Building your own storage shed ensures your asset is protected and gives you the convenience of having your boat and caravan at your fingertips whenever you need access. Whether it’s a storage shed, garage, or mixed use shed, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

When you start looking at options for a new shed, it can be like learning a whole new language! At KiwiSpan we don’t want you feeling confused by the terminology or left wondering ‘what is a…’, so we’ve written this guide to simplify things for you when planning your new shed.

Span: put very simply, this is the width of your steel shed or garage shed.

  • Clearspan – when the span of the shed is clear of internal support structures i.e. it’s completely open from one side to the other for unobstructed use i.e. no internal support columns are needed.

Roller doors: a garage door that rolls up. This can be manual or automated via a remote control. Roller doors are arguably the most secure type of garage door, and take up less space in your garage shed than a traditional tilt door.

Bays: a bay is a space designed to be big enough for a standard road vehicle. Some other terms that crop up once you start talking about bays include:

  • Fully enclosed – covered on top, the sides, and both ends.
  • Drive through – covered on top and the sides, but open at both ends.
  • Open bays – covered on top but open at the sides.

Cladding: the material used on the outside of your shed.

  • Profile: the curve or shape pattern of the steel cladding. Three profile options exist (Corrugate, Trimrib, and Slimclad), and they can change the exterior aesthetic quite dramatically.

Roof pitch: the angle of the roof. The steeper the roof, the higher it is at its peak.

  • Gable: a pitched or peaked, triangular style of roof.
  • Mono-pitch: when the entire roof slopes from one side of the shed to the other.

Knowing some common terminology should help you feel more confident when it comes to discussing options for your new shed. As you start designing your new shed with KiwiSpan other terms are likely to come up, but you can rest assured the KiwiSpan team is here to guide you and will take time to ensure you understand every detail and feel confident in the decisions you’re making.

Whether it’s a garage shed, workshop, sleepout or carport, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

Very rarely do people use their garage shed solely for the car. In fact, the word ‘garage’ seems to broadly mean storage and easy access for all sorts of home maintenance gear, hobby items, kids stuff, and it often doubles as the laundry and drying room too. It’s fair to say, the expectations of any garage are pretty high.

With a bit of smart thinking, any garage shed can be transformed from an empty shell into a versatile, high-use area – a real asset to your home. Getting things off the floor is key in making the space more usable.

Shelving is the first place to start, and can be used to organise all of your home maintenance equipment, sporting and fishing gear, gardening tools, and kids toys too. A workbench is also a popular choice for those home building projects, potting plants, tying fishing lures… the list of uses goes on.

Once you have shelving and a workbench in place, we recommend investing in a few electrical sockets and a peg board for your tools. Well placed plugs also give you the option to get a bar fridge or wine fridge for your garage, useful for large families, when you have lots of visitors, or just to separate your adult beverages from the main family fridge.

Clear more floor space by moving bikes onto the walls with bike racks and say goodbye to the old clothes airer by installing a wall or ceiling mounted drying rack. There are so many options you’re sure to find something that’s the right size and shape for the space you have available.

KiwiSpan steel garage sheds give you the versatility to make the garage your own, and smart organisation tools help to make it a real asset for your home. 

Whether it’s a garage shed, workshop, sleepout or carport, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

Our KiwiSpan experts ensure your shed is built to last by customising the structure to your specific site terrain. Just as every building is unique, so is its location and the surrounding landscape. These factors need to be taken into account to ensure the constructed shed can withstand wind speeds on your site.

KiwiSpan’s shed designer tool allows you to factor in key aspects of the terrain such as:

  1. Location. Of key importance is the typical wind speed in the region and the height of your proposed shed. The stronger the typical winds the more support the structure needs to withstand the wind pressure. Likewise, the taller the building, the more it captures the wind and thus the stronger it needs to be.
  2. Surrounding landscape. The density, scale, and proximity of wind barriers can have a significant impact. For example, a building in an open grassy field is far more exposed to the full force of the wind than a building surrounded by lots of other tall buildings which shield your building from strong winds.

One other aspect to consider is the possibility of harm your building could cause, if your shed can’t withstand the wind or weather conditions. This is clearly greater in densely populated areas and for commercial sheds which many people work in, than for small residential and rural buildings. Our experts will allow for this level of risk as they calculate the structural requirements of your proposed steel shed in NZ.

With KiwiSpan you can be sure we’ll think through these details – so you don’t have to. Our experienced shed builders understand how to engineer a shed to the site’s conditions. There’s always the option to increase the robustness of the design to your satisfaction too.

Talk to your local KiwiSpan team to start a conversation about your unique site. Or use our online 3D Designer Tool to visualise the options before requesting a free quote. When you choose KiwiSpan, you choose a quality steel shed, designed just for you.

Whether it’s a shed, farm barn or carport, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.