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sarah | 06/28/21

You might be thinking that the only choice you get to make when picking out a shed is the size. However, at KiwiSpan we offer a fully customisable shed design experience. 

We often get asked: ‘What’s your standard farm shed?’ and at first, people are surprised by our answer, we don’t have a standard farm shed because we don’t do standard. We want to give you the shed that fits your needs and requirements, not just a standard kitset shed. 

Why would you settle for standard when you could have exactly what you want – with KiwiSpan you can choose the size, cladding, doors, windows, roofing, and colour scheme.  



A KiwiSpan shed comes in a variety of colours which have been specifically designed for New Zealand conditions. We also offer a zincalume coating.

ModnColour offers a premium product at an economical price. We offer eight colours from their range: 



Colorsteel prides itself on turning metal into magic to transform the everyday environment. We offer 20 colours from their range: 



Roofing and Cladding profiles 

Cladding for the roof and sides of the shed come in a variety of shapes. They all have the same level of durability and performance. By giving you the choice you have the ability to pick the right colour and profile. 

You have the ability to choose between a gable or mono roof, adjust the height and the pitch, and add lean-tos. 

We offer ModnColour and Colorsteel cladding in a range of profiles. 


Doors and windows 

You can choose from sectional and rolling doors of varying heights and widths. We also offer automatic opening options. 

While windows might not be on everyone’s shed wish list, we can tailor to your requirements. 

Now you know that you don’t have to settle for a standard shed, so now it’s time to explore the possibility of having a KiwiSpan shed that can meet all of your needs and last a lifetime. 

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