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Five Reasons to Become a KiwiSpan Licensee

Izzie | 02/18/23

Owning a business can be extremely hard, especially in today’s tricky economy. Even for those ready to take the leap, starting a brand from scratch is simply too risky.

For experienced construction professionals, buying a KiwiSpan license is the opportunity to enjoy all the flexible and economic perks of running your own business, without the risky aspects of starting a new company.

Here are the top five benefits of joining the KiwiSpan network, and running your very own license business.


  1. It’s a low-risk, high-reward business venture

Joining a license network is one of the safest ways to invest in business. Investing in a license offers new business owners a structured, proven system with the added benefit of working under a known, reputable brand.

Many of our licensees have run (or concurrently run) other businesses in the building industry. The license model of KiwiSpan helps them achieve stability, and expand their client network – giving them the best of both worlds.


  1. Receive access to innovative construction software and systems through Donovan Group

All KiwiSpan licensees are part of our impressive network of Donovan Group experts. This includes industry-leading engineers, plus business and marketing professionals.

As a pioneer for construction innovation, Donovan Group allows unparalleled access to leading software tools and proven, streamlined systems. Being a KiwiSpan license means having the support and the process in place to efficiently design custom-made sheds for your clients.


  1. It’s an established brand backed by a national marketing team

We’re incredibly proud of the KiwiSpan reputation that we have built since 2003. We are known throughout New Zealand as a leader in the shed-building space, and for consistently offering superior quality and unique products.

New licensees don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to building brand trust and credibility. Joining the KiwiSpan brand offers new business owners the invaluable chance to start their shed-building journey under a nationally-recognised name. This helps save new owners time, investment and risk from day one.

While every licensee is responsible for their own regional marketing, you will have the support of an expert marketing team from KiwiSpan and the wider Donovan Group. Whether you’re looking for advertising guidance, trying to make more connections, or just need general creative support, our marketers are here to help.

Plus, by becoming a KiwiSpan licensee, you have immediate access to all of the branded marketing materials you need – from marketing collateral to social media content and strategic brand messaging.


  1. Enjoy the support of a strong licensee network and community

We hear it all the time from our regional licensees…

“We have received incredible support from everyone in the KiwiSpan family! Everyone in the network is amazing. They are all motivated and wonderful people.”

  • Darryn and Jill Astill, KiwiSpan Tauranga

“Our success is built on all of the support we’ve had from the network. Thank you so much to the entire KiwiSpan community – we love being part of this brand and part of this family.”

  • Rowan Thornton and Tonya Harrison, KiwiSpan Wairarapa

Having a supportive network is essential in what can be a challenging mission – running a business. KiwiSpan actively promote collaboration and cross-regional development and support. Our regions don’t overlap, so there’s never any issues with competition – just opportunities to support one another.

Every year, the entire network gets together for the KiwiSpan Awards and Conference. Along with learning and networking opportunities, this multi-day event helps us recognise outstanding achievements and celebrate the work of exceptional regional teams. Throughout the year, we also have smaller, regional versions of this conference, which take place in multiple locations around the country. These meetings help license owners share and learn from each other, as well as receive direct support from our national team.


  1. Total flexibility and independence

Most license brands set rigid rules and structures in place – but at KiwiSpan, we have consciously designed our network to encourage flexibility, allowing each region to play to their strengths.

On the day-to-day, KiwiSpan licensees have the space to make independent business decisions. Whether you want to focus on a particular project niche, or invest heavily in your local community, or if you want to hire extra office help – the choice is yours.

KiwiSpan licensees are confident in business and construction processes, and they all run their regions slightly differently to suit their individual goals, needs, and preferences. We ensure that the license model allows for ample independence and personal flexibility – so that you can live and operate in the way that works best for you.

If you’re a motivated professional ready to leap towards your next business opportunity without having to start your brand from scratch, then KiwiSpan might be the right fit for you. We have several regions for sale right now that are looking for talented buyers.

Download our prospectus to have a more in-depth look at how our licensee network operates. KiwiSpan could be the next big break for your business. Discover the regions for sale right now throughout New Zealand!

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