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KiwiSpan customised hangar steel structure

Why Choose a Hangar Steel Structure for Your Aircraft?

Izzie | 03/25/24

At KiwiSpan, we understand that your aircraft is a source of immense pride and passion. Such a prized possession deserves the finest protection. The best aircraft shelters offer long-term defence against the elements and unmatched security – and there’s no better material for this purpose than steel. Below, we explore the wide-ranging benefits of steel […]

KiwiSpan storage sheds maintenance tips for summer

Shed Maintenance Tips for Summer

Izzie | 02/01/24

As the summer sun heats up, so does the need to properly care for your trusty NZ steel shed. Unlike some other sheds out there, KiwiSpan steel sheds offer a superior 50-year durability commitment. However, even the toughest sheds require seasonal attention to ensure they remain in excellent condition for generations. So, before the temperatures soar, roll […]

Image Alt Text KiwiSpan customisable steel shed for homes

New Shed Designs to Take Inspiration from in 2024

Izzie | 12/18/23

Steel sheds in NZ have long been a versatile and popular choice for outdoor storage. However, new shed designs have evolved beyond mere functional storage spaces. Today, KiwiSpan sheds captivate architectural expressions that blend utility with aesthetic appeal. As we step into 2024, a plethora of cutting-edge shed designs promises to redefine the concept of outdoor structures. Are […]

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