Your Space: How to Create the Ultimate Mancave/Sheshed

sarah | 07/27/20
The idea of owning a room just for yourself – and no, we aren’t talking about your bedroom – but a room specifically designed for you, and only you, is something just about all of us have dreamed of owning.  What we’re describing has historically been known as a “Mancave” – and if you like [...] READ MORE

What Makes a Good Lifestyle shed?

sarah | 07/06/20
Lifestyle sheds are the ‘jack of all trades’ within the shed industry.  With a range of possibilities and uses, there are endless options for how to use a lifestyle shed. However, because of this versatility picking the right one can be tricky.  It doesn’t have to be, here is what to look for when choosing [...] READ MORE

Time to Grow: KiwiSpan for Commercial Buildings

Izzie | 06/29/20
Is it time to take your business to the next level?  Does your business require a new office space or do you have excess material and need somewhere to store it all? If so, regardless of whether you need a new warehouse, offices, workspace or storage units, KiwiSpan’s commercial buildings will give you the space [...] READ MORE
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