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Protecting Your Prized Possessions: Storage For Caravans And Boats

Izzie | 04/26/22

As a nation, we are known for our love of the great outdoors – and we’re spoiled with beautiful landscapes to explore and enjoy. To ’truly experience the outdoors’, many Kiwis invest in boats or caravans. Of course we then need somewhere to keep these prized possessions safe and sound.
Protect your boat and caravan from the environment

The team at KiwiSpan can show you a range of boat storage sheds and caravan storage sheds that protect your vehicles from the harsh Kiwi elements, from birds, mice and other wildlife, and from the unwanted attention of thieves. Because all of our sheds are made from thick, durable steel, you can trust a KiwiSpan shed to offer your boat or caravan long lasting protection from the environment.
Customised storage sheds

All KiwiSpan steel storage sheds are completely customised, so we’ll design protection to suit your needs. This includes size and shape, and also the extent of coverage and security required. We’ll work with you to decide if your shed needs to be completely enclosed, or could be partially open at the sides and/or ends.
As well as physical design, we’ll customise the aesthetics to ensure your boat or caravan storage shed fits in with any surrounding buildings and the landscape. We work with you on aspects such as the style, cladding profiles, and colours.
Have your own storage shed for convenience

If you’re serious about owning a boat or caravan for any length of time, your best option is to have storage at home for easy access and the ultimate convenience. Some people resort to offsite storage facilities given the low up-front costs. However the lack of convenience with offsite storage ultimately impacts the usability of your pleasure vehicle. What’s more, this expense may be wasted as you end up investing in your own storage shed anyway!
Building your own storage shed ensures your asset is protected and gives you the convenience of having your boat and caravan at your fingertips whenever you need access. Whether it’s a storage shed, garage, or mixed use shed, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

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