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5 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Builder

Izzie | 02/02/20

One of the most important decisions to make when building anything of a sizable scale is choosing the right builder.

Pick anything less than the perfect partner to achieve your goals with, and you might regret it – not only during the build but down the line too.

Below, we share our top 5 tips for finding the right builder for you:


  • Seek Advice


You want to work with a builder who knows their stuff, so needless to say, research is vital to a successful project. That doesn’t necessarily mean digging deep into the depths of the internet – but asking around too.

Authentic recommendations from friends and family might seem like an old-fashioned way of doing things but the best builders will be known for their reputation. Community groups and forums like Facebook are also incredibly useful for local endorsements.


  • Consider Relevant Experience and Skills


It’s integral you have an idea of the skills needed for your build. Different builders have different expertise and experience, which you’ll be able to get a clearer understanding of by asking to see their portfolio.

For example, if they only have experience in renovations and extensions, they’re probably not the right choice. Enquire about the details of their previous projects – time, material, requirements – and you can compare this with your needs.


  • Focus On Quality


When it comes to a new building, the last thing you want to worry about are on-going repairs – which can be costly, to say the least. It’s important to check with your prospective builder what kind of products they use and the quality of their work. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can tour their past work, be sure to check references and question your builder about the materials you can’t see.


  • Ask Questions 


A good builder will answer all and any questions you might have about your build. They will understand the needs of the project, and moreover, want to do the best job possible for you. This means they won’t shy away from giving you answers.

If you feel communication isn’t flowing from the initial meeting, they probably aren’t the builder for you.


  • Have a Shortlist


Talk to as many builders as you feel comfortable talking to, and then start whittling them down. We would recommend a shortlist of 3. And then, consider the 3 P’s:

  1. People
    1. Their reputation in the community
    2. The connection you have with them
  2. Process
    1. Their transparency around the process on how to help you reach your goals
    2. Their transparency around pricing
  3. Product
    1. Their experience with the type of build you have planned
    2. Their experience with the type of materials you want to use


And, if this still comes out as a level-playing field, go with your gut!


At KiwiSpan, we understand what it takes to build to last. We have years of experience in the industry and pride ourselves on supporting our clients with affordable solutions, high-quality steel and advice you can count on.


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