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KiwiSpan Durability


When it comes to quality sheds, KiwiSpan set the standard.  Our premium products are made with high-quality steel, built to the highest standard and designed to withstand the harshest New Zealand conditions.


Our Durability Statement

KiwiSpan provides 50-years durability for its structural frame and associated bracketry provided the structural frame and bracketry are maintained in accordance with our durability and maintenance guide. Our 50-years durability does not extend to any other building components such as roofing, cladding, garage doors, joinery, fixings and fixtures which come with their own manufacturer’s warranties.



Products in the construction industry require regular maintenance to ensure the lifespan of the product meets performance and durability standards. On completion of your build your local KiwiSpan licensee will supply a maintenance plan that is specific to your shed, and it is important you follow it.