Give your horse the shelter and stable they deserve.

From horse stables and riding centres through to commercial covers and stock shelters, we’ve got your equine needs sorted. 

We know you need a stable that will stick around, and we make it our mission to deliver a strong stable that won’t fade with time. That’s why we use only the best quality steel and the most reliable builders around!

What’s more, we consider all of your ideas. Our team can customise your equine shed to suit your needs, whatever they may be. Get in touch with KiwiSpan for a no-obligation quote today.

kiwispan horse stables and shelter render

KiwiSpan Features


0.40-gauge roof and cladding steel for shed strength and durability.


Top-quality steel gutters and flashings to ensure a watertight building.


Colour matched roof and wall screws so your building will look smart.

Customise Your Horse Shelter or Stable


Manufactured specifically for use in New Zealand, ModnColour®️ offers a premium product at an economic price.


Turning metal into magic and transforming the everyday environment. COLORSTEEL®️is made, tested and trusted for New Zealand conditions.

*FlaxPod (Matte), Ebony, Ironsand, Greyfriars, and Sandstone Grey are priority products. Please consult your local licensee to learn more about our lead times. 


Roofing and Cladding profiles

We offer ModnColour®️and ColourSteel®️ cladding in a range of profiles.


You can choose sectional and roller doors, of varying heights. We even offer automatic opening options.


Windows are not from a standard list - we can tailor to what fits best for your shed.

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