Customer Testimonial: Glenn Richards, Race Car Owner/Driver - Kiwispan


Customer Testimonial: Glenn Richards, Race Car Owner/Driver

Izzie | 11/15/22

Glenn Richards is a seasoned car racing professional. After running out of room in a multi-purpose building, Glenn worked with KiwiSpan to design a dedicated space to house and work on the race cars. We talked to Glenn about his experience with KiwiSpan.


Why did you choose KiwiSpan?

I looked around town at who was building what. I’d seen KiwiSpan’s shop in town and their construction signs were around lots of new buildings – they seemed to be doing the sort of thing I was looking for. 

When I met with Rob, the local KiwiSpan sales guy, he asked what I needed in a building. He showed me lots of their work to compare styles and features – lots of valuable stuff came out of that and it really cemented the deal. Things just gelled with KiwiSpan.

I’d looked at another group too, and while their offering was comparable it just didn’t resonate. I felt more confident with KiwiSpan. I got a good referral for them too which helped to seal the deal.

I was looking for them to manage the project too and KiwiSpan could do that for me. I wouldn’t have the end result I got if I’d tried to do it myself. They knew what they were doing.


How did you find the design phase

It was pretty straight forward and all happened quite quickly. At that first meeting, we discussed the size, shape and layout I needed. We talked about how I’d use the space and the features I required, then pulled out elements I liked from other buildings KiwiSpan had designed before.

After that, Rob came back with a set of plans. That’s when we increased the stud height to create a usable mezzanine area. The plans were nearly done after that, as we got into the detail really quickly. We made a couple of small tweaks for window size and shape, then added in ventilation and some clear panels for natural light.

I really appreciated their input into the design and all sorts of features – it really helped.


Did they keep within budget

Yes. Once we had the design agreed I left them to the construction and project management. There were no changes to the plan so the final sum lined up with the quote. Rob was great during the design phase, always covering off cost implications so there was total transparency. It meant I felt in control of the cost.


Do you have any advice for other business owners looking for a new building

I’d recommend KiwiSpan to anyone looking for a purpose built shed – the way they went about things helped me make informed choices, and they gave me lots of options and features to consider. I got a better result by working with them – they were very professional. 

Listening to the experts is a really good idea. For anyone looking for a new building, I’d recommend they take their broad concepts to KiwiSpan and then be prepared to listen to what they’ve done before. It will give you lots of ideas and help you get the best possible value out of your new building.

Like Glenn, a customised steel shed may be just what your business needs. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

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