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How to Organise a Shed for Storage

Very rarely do people use their garage shed solely for the car. With smart thinking and effective planning, you can transform any garage or storage shed from an empty shell into a versatile, high-use area, making them a real asset to your home. From home maintenance gear and hobby items to kids’ toys, garage storage sheds have the flexibility to store all your belongings. Some households in New Zealand even double their garages as laundry and drying rooms. 

With so many uses, it’s only apt to have a plan for organising to keep your garage or storage shed neat and clean. Luckily, KiwiSpan’s innovative shed designs make organisation easy. Our sheds have no obtrusive centre poles or bracing, allowing for more interior space and flexibility.

Experience the freedom of a clutter-free environment with KiwiSpan. Read on for some handy tips on how to organise a shed for storage.


Why Organisation Matters in a Shed


To maximise a shed for storage, you must utilise every inch of space effectively; this begins with proper organisation. A well-organised shed allows for improved functionality, accessibility, and visual appeal – creating a more enjoyable space all around. Keeping your shed organised and tidy will also help preserve the condition of your tools, equipment, and belongings. You can achieve this by following a few simple steps, as seen below.


Our Organisation Tips and Tricks


Categorise Your Items

Sort your belongings into categories based on their purpose or type. For example, group home maintenance supplies together, separate sports equipment, and create sections for seasonal decorations or power tools. Categorising items makes it easier to find everything when needed, reducing time, effort, and frustration. 

Group your smaller items into boxes or containers and label them properly so you know what’s inside. Consider which items you use most often and dedicate a place to store them for easy access.


Use a Workbench

If you do a lot of DIY projects, you’ll need a centralised location for completing your tasks. A workbench is an excellent addition to any storage shed, providing a dedicated workspace for repairing or assembling equipment. You can customise it to suit your needs and use the space underneath the workbench for additional storage. You can also install shelves or cabinets above the workbench to store other supplies.


Utilise Wall Space

Utilising wall space is one of the most effective ways to organise your shed, as it allows you to see and access what you need more easily. Maximise your wall space by installing sturdy brackets or wall-mounted shelving. Pegboards are also a great solution, providing a practical space to hang tools or other frequently used items.


Clear the Floor

A clear floor is key to a usable space. You can create a more functional and efficient space that supports your storage requirements by keeping the floor free from clutter. This also reduces the risk of accidents caused by tripping over clutter or sharp objects. 

Start the process by removing any items from the floor you no longer need or use. If you have large items that take up too much floor space, consider how you can rearrange them. For example, you could move your bikes or e-scooters from the floor onto the walls with bike racks. And instead of using old clothes airers, opt for a ceiling-mounted drying rack. Use tall storage cabinets or shelves for smaller items to take advantage of vertical space.


Keep it Clean

Keeping your shed clean from dirt and debris ensures it remains strong and in good working order. Start by sweeping dust, cobwebs, or debris from the shed’s walls, ceiling, and surfaces. Pay attention to corners, nooks, and shelves where dirt accumulates. Once the floors and walls are clean, wipe down all your tools and equipment so they look spick and span. 


Invest in Multi-Functional Storage Sheds for Your Home

Looking to invest in a new storage shed? KiwiSpan’s steel sheds are 100% customisable, so you can have full control over what you want yours to look like and how it serves you. And now that you know how to organise a shed for storage, you can take full pride in your space and get the most out of it. Our sheds will last a lifetime, making them a valuable asset to your home.

No matter your project’s requirements, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. We also specialise in commercial sheds and industrial buildings. Contact us today, and our team will tailor a shed to meet your style and design needs.

The Decisions That Shape Your Quote

If you’re considering building a new shed, one of the biggest questions, if not the biggest, is ‘What will it cost?’. The answer to that is simple: it depends on the decisions you make.

At KiwiSpan all of our sheds are custom-made and tailored specifically to each individual customer, so each quote is different. We gather some key pieces of information from you to provide an accurate quote. It’s important to us that we don’t charge you for things that you don’t need, and likewise we don’t believe in providing you with a base level quote that has a long list of exclusions which you’d be charged extra for.

Transparency up-front means you know exactly what you’re getting and only pay for what you actually need. Read on to learn about the decisions you need to make that define the design of your new shed, and it’s price tag.

One of the biggest contributors to the cost is size. Consider how big you need your new shed to be, and whether you need all of that space to be fully enclosed or if some areas could be open on the ends or sides?

Openings and access points are another key consideration as the number and type of doors can make  a difference to your shed cost. This includes roller or sectional garage doors, whether they’re manual or remote, personal access doors, and sliding doors. Another opening to think about is a window, which can add a lot of value to workshop and storage spaces alike. The number and size of windows will impact your shed price, and in some situations the use of clear perspex panels will do the job.

Partitions and mezzanine floors are all possible and can give you great space utilisation, but again they impact your shed price. Have a clear idea of what you need versus what is ‘nice to have’ depending on your budget.

Finishing details are another big component of your quote. We’ll ask you to make decisions about the internal walls and insulation requirements, as well as exterior cladding including roof and gutters.

If you can answer these questions then you’ve probably put some good thought into a new shed design and know exactly what you need from the space. Now’s a great time to get a quote for your new shed.

Whether it’s a garage shed, workshop, sleepout or carport, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

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