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Why Choose a KiwiSpan Kitset Shed

Izzie | 12/30/22

A KiwiSpan kitset shed gives you the flexibility to do as much of the construction and project management as you’d like to. By doing some of the work yourself, you can save on the cost of labour and start work whenever you’re ready.


How KiwiSpan kitset sheds work

In a nutshell, we design and manufacture the shed, you put it together. You have the flexibility to do as much or as little as you like with a KiwiSpan kitset shed. We can help you with engineering and council consents. When it comes to construction, you can do this yourself if you have the skills and experience, or you can choose your own contractors. A KiwiSpan kitset shed puts you in complete control of the construction costs and time frames.


Fully customised kitset sheds

KiwiSpan design kitset sheds for all sorts of uses – farm sheds and barns, storage sheds, workshops and more. Whatever the type of shed you need, when you choose a kitset shed with KiwiSpan it’s designed to your specific requirements. You still benefit from the input and experience of our licensees who are supported by our knowledgeable design and engineering teams. We work with you to design a shed that suits your needs and your specific site. It’s completely tailored in terms of size, shape, roof lines, colours, cladding, windows, doors and more. 


Quality steel kitset sheds – designed to last

When it comes to the quality of your kitset shed, this is as much about the materials and design, as it is about the construction. KiwiSpan sheds are more durable because they are made with…

  • A heavier gauge steel to better withstand harsh weather conditions and bumps / knocks.
  • Heavy duty bolts alongside tek screws to provide stronger connections.


If you’re looking for a durable steel shed which is fully customised to your needs, and, if you have the time and skill to do some of the construction yourself, then a KiwiSpan kitset shed may be just what you’re after. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

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