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Investing In A Commercial KiwiSpan Building

Izzie | 05/16/22

Investing in your business with a KiwiSpan commercial building contributes to asset growth in multiple ways. Here we outline some of the key benefits your business may realise.


Longevity – KiwiSpan sheds are built to last

Our sheds are made with extra thick steel, meaning they really are built to last. Heavier gauge steel is more effective in providing structural integrity than relying just on a concrete floor – the extra quality ensures your commercial building holds up to the elements better, for longer.

We go one step further and use heavy duty bolts, which offer a stronger connection than the tek screws commonly used elsewhere.

Investing in a stronger shed ensures your investment lasts the distance.


Workspace versatility

A KiwiSpan commercial shed gives you a large open space, in which you can undertake a wide range of activities. This versatility not only gives you endless possibilities in how you use your business space, but it makes your asset more widely appealing to prospective purchasers too. Put simply, its worth investing in versatility as it boosts your business value should the time to sell ever eventuate.


Optimised space utilisation

Many commercial sheds use knee braces which can be quite obtrusive. In contrast, KiwiSpan commercial buildings don’t use knee braces which creates value on many levels:

  • You’ll have more usable space i.e. increased capacity.
  • Increased functionality, as the extra space gives you more ways to layout and utilise your space.
  • Stronger visual appeal without the clutter of knee braces.

Also, mezzanine floors in a KiwiSpan shed won’t be cut off by knee braces. So if you’re after a mezzanine, this is another benefit of choosing to build with KiwiSpan. The absence of knee braces doesn’t detract from the strength of your KiwiSpan building. It’s a smart design choice focused on creating optimal functionality and storage in your shed.


Return on investment

A key benefit of investing in a KiwiSpan commercial shed is its return on investment versus a traditional building. You’ll yield a much higher income than if you invested in a similarly sized home.


Aesthetic appeal

The mention of commercial sheds may bring to mind images of large factories… however this is quite a dated perception. Commercial sheds can be very visually appealing. The clever team at KiwiSpan are experienced in balancing attractive designs with strong functionality. This balanced design approach adds extra value to your investment.

If you’re looking for a commercial or industrial building for your business, a KiwiSpan shed is the smart choice.

Whether it’s a large or small building, commercial or industrial, and focused on office, manufacturing, workshop or retail types of use, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.


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