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Knee Braces: The Benefits of Avoiding These in Your Shed

Izzie | 09/15/22

You don’t need to be an expert in construction to understand the pros and cons of different garage or shed building designs. Before making a decision on your new building, it’s worth understanding how it will be constructed and how different techniques can impact you. One component that KiwiSpan is proud to exclude from its designs is the knee brace – so let’s take a closer look.

What is a knee brace?

It’s a diagonal support brace which spans the connection of the side column to the roof beam. It usually connects from a metre or so away from the beam-column connection. When knee braces are used in construction, they are clearly visible and protrude into the internal space of a building. KiwiSpan’s clever design allows for strong and durable steel sheds, without these protruding knee braces – all without any compromise to the strength of your structure.

The benefits of avoiding knee braces

KiwiSpan prefers to construct buildings without knee braces because of the value this returns to customers:

  • You get more usable space. From the top to the bottom of your building, you get a greater usable area without knee braces cutting off the space.
  • Maximised storage space. Without knee braces in the way, you can use the full building height and get even more storage space. In a larger shed, this incremental storage space can add up to a sizeable amount and really add value to your premise.
  • Greater manoeuvrability. If you have large equipment or machinery in an industrial building, the additional top-to-bottom and side-to-side space can make quite a difference. The additional space also helps when reversing boats or trailers into storage sheds.
  • Increased visibility. Knee braces can obscure your view across the building, and the removal of these allows for a cleaner, clearer looking space as well as enhanced visibility. This improved visibility not only contributes to a safer space, but it helps you keep track of what’s going on from one end of the building to the other.
  • More space for the addition of mezzanine floors. If you have a taller building, the option of a mezzanine space can maximise usage within your covered area. If a mezzanine area appeals, be sure to choose a building without knee braces as they will really limit the size of a possible mezzanine floor i.e. to make it worth doing, you’ll want to use the full height and width of your covered area.

Get the most value out of your building by choosing a design that offers you the best use of space. When you build with KiwiSpan, their clever designs are focused on returning the most value to you.

Whether it’s a storage space, farm shed, or industrial building that you need, KiwiSpan has a customised shed solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.


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