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What Makes a Good Lifestyle shed?

Izzie | 07/06/20

Lifestyle sheds are the ‘jack of all trades’ within the shed industry. 

With a range of possibilities and uses, there are endless options for how to use a lifestyle shed. However, because of this versatility picking the right one can be tricky. 

It doesn’t have to be, here is what to look for when choosing your new shed.


What is a lifestyle shed? 

Before we go into what to look for, first we should define what a lifestyle shed is. 

Lifestyle sheds vary in form. They can vary from small to medium-sized garages or sleepouts to larger American barns. 

Essentially, lifestyle sheds are buildings that are aimed at maximising the available space while giving you the space to grow, work, live or store your toys. 



KiwiSpan’s lifestyle sheds are incredibly versatile and adaptable buildings. 

Our lifestyle sheds have been used for everything from workshops, man caves, storage units, sleepouts and even your classic Kiwi farm wedding venue. When you are looking for a lifestyle shed, keep this versatility in mind. As chances are you’ll want to use the space for a whole raft of things once constructed. 

When you are designing and building your shed, be sure to experiment with the number of bays, access points and doors, and dimensions of the floor plan. A good builder, such as KiwiSpan, will be able to show you different layouts to choose from. 


Strength and durability 

The materials your shed is built from will dictate the strength and durability of the shed, which will directly impact the lifespan of your shed. 

Ideally, you will be intending for your shed to become an important part of your land, and life, regardless of what purpose you intended for it. Meaning you’ll want the doors, walls and roof to be capable of withstanding a few bumps. 

Insist on only using material of the highest quality. At KiwiSpan, we use 0.40 gauge steel for the roofing and cladding, with 0.55 gauge for all the flashings and gutters. Ensuring your shed is strong, durable and watertight. 


Internal options 

Tying in with the versatility aspect of your lifestyle shed, think about what internal features you may require. 

A good lifestyle shed isn’t just the perfect size for the land, but it also has versatile features that allow you to go about your business. Features such as internal walls allow you to create different spaces or rooms, or canopies and mezzanine floors allow for a separate space off the floor, for an office or sleepout. 

While, you’ll also want to include water facilities, such as taps and toilets, along with power sockets and plugs, for plugging in the power tools or sound system. 


Lifestyle sheds are a great addition to any lifestyle block or farm. With KiwiSpan’s wide range of lifestyle shed options, you can’t go wrong. 

If you are considering building a lifestyle shed at yours, talk to KiwiSpan. We can help create the perfect building for your space and needs. 

Contact your local licensee today. 


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