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Industrial Buildings and Costs: Here’s What You Need to Know

Izzie | 07/29/22

When you’re scoping a new warehouse, factory, or workshop for your business, ensure you choose a building that will help your business grow. KiwiSpan’s industrial steel sheds offer great features that support the profitability of your business.

KiwiSpan is committed to providing the best, which means you get…


1. A fully customised design, catering to your specific business needs

It’s important we understand your business operations, what you need from the building, and what your priorities for the space are. This helps us customise the building design to support your growing business. By optimising the design and layouts, we help your business get the best value from your building, ensuring maximum profitability.


2. Fantastic support and communication throughout the design and construction phases

In our experience, a better end result is achieved when we work closely together right from the start. To us, this means discussing every stage in detail with you. 

  • Designs – we ensure you are clear on the options and committed to the plan. It’s our goal to get you excited about the possibilities a KiwiSpan industrial steel shed offers your business. 
  • Permits – we’ll walk you through the legal requirements as part of the design phase. The KiwiSpan team are regularly working with local councils and have a strong grasp of the regulations, timeframes, and associated costs. We manage this stage with regular updates back to you.
  • Planning – as we work through council permits, we are also planning your build by ordering materials and scheduling the required resources. As we get close to attaining council permission, we’re able to start locking in build dates and timeframes with you.
  • Construction – an exciting time as your highly anticipated building comes to life. Our project management support includes coordinating all of the onsite team and managing any issues as they arise. We welcome you to contact us at any point throughout the project to check on progress and discuss the build with our team.


3. A reliable hard working steel shed, constructed with thicker steel and stronger bolts

With KiwiSpan you get a shed that’s built to last. We use heavier steel so your KiwiSpan shed is better able to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as small bumps and knocks. We also use heavy duty bolts rather than lightweight tek screws, giving our sheds stronger connections. A longer lasting, more durable industrial shed is an asset to any business.


4. Maximum usable area for storage and manoeuvrability

KiwiSpan’s smart designs don’t need knee braces – this gives you more space to utilise for storage or manoeuvring equipment. Knee braces protrude into the shed space, limiting your ability to use the full span of your shed – that’s why we don’t use them! As an added bonus, without these obtrusive braces KiwiSpan sheds are visually more clean and clear. This gives you a better view across your shed and a more pleasing aesthetic. We are focused on delivering a shed that delivers the most value to your business.

Our advice to any business owner looking for a new industrial building – include the lifespan and full usable working space into any business case. Our team is more than happy to provide a free quote and assist you in maximising the value of your new building.

Whether it’s a warehouse, workshop, or factory, KiwiSpan has a customised industrial shed solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.


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