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Organise Your Farm Storage Shed Before Winter Hits

Izzie | 03/17/22

As we farewell summer and enjoy the slightly cooler nights of Autumn, it’s a great time to think ahead about winter storage needs for your farm so you’re all set before the cold wet weather sets in. can protect your feed and maintain its quality, as well as provide cover for your farm machinery and offer a dry workspace for farm maintenance and projects.

Winter feed is a big investment and it makes sense to get the most value out of it by maintaining its quality. Feed left out in the elements can grow mould and lose its nutritional value with leaching of carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. In turn, poor quality feed can negatively affect the health of your stock, and underweight or unhealthy stock don’t offer the same financial returns to your bottom line.

As well as protecting your livestock feed from New Zealand’s unpredictable weather patterns, a steel storage shed can help you keep pests out. Birds, mice, and insects are common problems for farmers and are all capable of eroding your supply and degrading its quality.

Every business needs to prolong the life of its assets so it’s beneficial to keep both pests and the elements away from your farm machinery and implements. Steel storage sheds can also allow for dry workshop space to maintain your farming equipment and machinery. And you can make it more usable as a workshop shed with the addition of clear panels for natural light, and by adding a workbench and shelving.

Make sure you’re ready for winter by organising your steel storage shed now. KiwiSpan will customise a storage shed to your needs with options to have open and/or closed bays – we’ll work with you to design a shed that gives you the right protection from weather and pests, where you need it the most. KiwiSpan’s steel sheds use thick 0.4 gauge steel for the roof and cladding, giving you extra strength and durability, and ensuring your shed adds real value to your property.

Whether it’s a storage shed for feed, a workshop, or implement shed, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for your farm. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

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