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Steel Structure Types You Can Have On Your Property

Izzie | 02/27/23

Steel is a building material well-loved for its strength, cost-efficiency, and design flexibility. Both versatile and durable, steel buildings are increasingly sought after in the market as they can withstand New Zealand’s harsh weather. At KiwiSpan, we have various steel structure types available, so you have the freedom to design what you need. From metal garages and carports to storage sheds and horse stables, we share the range of steel structures you can have on your property.


Metal Garages or Carports

Garages and carports are essential for anyone wanting to keep their vehicles safe and protected from the elements. Steel carports are durable, easy to construct, and affordable to install. With steel, you can build metal garages or steel carports affordably and efficiently. It’s an economical solution that protects your investments without taking too much time to build.

Whether it be luxury cars or recreational ATVs, you can rest assured your vehicles are safe and secure with a steel garage.


Vehicle Storage

Aside from cars, steel structures can also house other vehicles, such as boats, yachts, and trailers. Steel structures can be made to your vehicle’s exact size specifications, ensuring seamless storage and travel. If you live in a coastal area, you also get peace of mind that your boats and yachts are safe because steel also offers the ideal protection from rust and corrosion.


Steel Farm Sheds or Horse Stables

Steel farm sheds and horse stables are beneficial and practical for farmers and equestrians because steel material can withstand extreme weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about your horses during stormy weather because steel offers a viable home to protect them.

So, if you’re looking for farm sheds, barns, and horse shelters for your property that will stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with durable steel.


General Storage

When you need extra room for your tools or machinery, storage steel sheds make the ideal addition to your property. Functional and secure, steel storages offer a dry place to safeguard heavy equipment, machinery, and more.


Why Steel Is The Best Material for Construction

You may be surprised to learn that there are various structures you can build with steel. Here’s why it works perfectly for so many different applications:


Quick and efficient to build

Steel is an efficient material that’s quick to assemble with minimal on-site labour. Because steel is a lighter-weight material, you can create a simple foundation without excavating. You can erect a whole frame in a matter of days.


Offers open space

Steel’s long-spanning ability makes it possible to build open spaces with fewer obtrusive centre poles or knee and apex bracing. With extended steel spans, you can create large open plans that provide adequate space to use to your liking.


Gives you the freedom to design

Steel is a versatile material that offers builders design freedom in colour, size, texture, and shape. Steel’s malleability enables us to develop cost-effective and innovative shed solutions that cater to your needs.


Design Your Own Steel Shed With KiwiSpan

Planning to construct a steel shed on your property? KiwiSpan can help. We also offer steel kitset sheds that are 100% customisable. Whether you need a horse stable, storage shed, or boat storage, we can make them happen! Design your steel shed at home and try our 3D Builder today!


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