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Shed Removal and Replacement: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Shed?

Izzie | 09/05/23

Sheds are practical and versatile, providing valuable storage space for outdoor equipment, vehicles, machinery, and more. However,storage shedscan deteriorate due to long-term exposure to the weather and general wear and tear. Upgrading your old shed with a high-quality KiwiSpan shed can help breathe new life into your outdoor storage solutions. Let’s explore the shed removal and replacementprocess below or contact us now to start your project. 


Signs That Your Shed Needs Replacing


How do you know when your shed needs a replacement or just a few repairs? There are a few tell-tale signs that indicate a shed replacement is necessary. Here’s what you need to look out for.  


Damaged Exteriors

Visible signs of exterior damage, such as cracks, rotting exterior walls, broken windows, and damaged roofs, indicate that your shed needs replacing. 


Pest Infestations 

Old and unkempt sheds can become a haven for pests seeking shelter. If you see visible nests, small holes, hives, and droppings, pests may have infiltrated your shed. It may be time to upgrade it with a quality KiwiSpan shed.  


Major Leaks

Roof and wall leaks may signify serious or major damage. This may mean replacing the roof or the shed entirely, as widespread leaks may lead to rapid mould growth. 


Mould Infestation

A few mould spots may be rectifiable, but a widespread mould infestation is not worth the health hazard. Time to move out your belongings! 


Cracked Floors

It’s easy to blame heavy objects for damaging your shed’s floors. But cracked flooring can also be due to weak floors exposed to leaks. This can be dangerous if the foundation and overall structure are affected. 


Unstable Structure

Perform a thorough stability check by ensuring that the shed’s fastenings are secure, the base is level, and there are no signs of warping or rotting. If your shed is unstable and poses safety risks, it’s time to consider a replacement. KiwiSpan sheds utilise premium materials to ensure a solid foundation.  From high-quality steel to quality fixings and fastenings, we ensure strong connections, stable structure, and a tidier look. 


Cramped Space

Your old shed may not have room or floor space for its intended use. If your shed is overflowing with belongings, consider an upgrade. KiwiSpan sheds offer more usable internal space and clear spans up to 18m without the obtrusive knee or apex braces. Thanks to our smart structures, you can enjoy wider clear spans, top-to-bottom storage space, and extra floor space. 


Types of Storage Sheds to Consider


Metal or Steel Sheds 

Made from galvanised steel, metal sheds are strong, durable, and resistant to rot and fire. They provide excellent security for storage purposes and are relatively lightweight for easy relocation. All KiwiSpan sheds are made with hardwearing steel. 


Customisable Steel Sheds

KiwiSpan offers steel storage sheds that are fully customisable to suit individual needs. Our sheds are built to New Zealand’s Building Code requirements and are certified durable. They are designed to withstand extreme NZ weather conditions and provide ample space; you can tailor your shed to your preferred layout, height, and roofing profiles. 


How to Remove and Replace Your Old Shed with a KiwiSpan Shed


1. Plan and Prepare 

Before starting the removal process, plan for your new KiwiSpan shed’s placement. The first step is to meet with your local KiwiSpan team to discuss your ideal shed and how we can meet your requirements. KiwiSpan will help obtain any necessary building permits and permissions from your local council, ensuring compliance with building regulations. Then comes the fun part – Designing your dream shed.  


2. Clear Out the Contents 

Empty your old shed and organise its contents. Set aside belongings to transfer to the new and improved shed. 


3. Disassemble the Old Shed 

Make way for your new KiwiSpan shed. KiwiSpan can help assist you with contacting the right people to ensure the safe and proper dismantlement on your shed.  


4. Level the Ground 

The KiwiSpan team will help you prepare the site for the new shed by levelling the ground and ensuring proper drainage. A level and stable base are crucial for the longevity of the new shed. 


5. Assemble the New Shed 

Let your local KiwiSpan team manage the construction of your shed. KiwiSpan are experts in constructing quality steel sheds, with a focus on delivering in a quick and timely manner. 


6. Transfer Belongings 

Once your KiwiSpan shed is constructed, move your belongings in and make the most of your new and improved space. 


Invest in a KiwiSpan Shed That Will Last for Years 


Upgrading to a KiwiSpan shed will help you maintain a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. If you’re all set to remove and replace your old shed, ensure proper planning, preparation, and compliance with building regulations to ensure a seamless and successful upgrade. 

At KiwiSpan, we can help you do that. Our sheds give you the best value for your investment. We have a 50-year durability statement for our structural frame and associated bracketry.*  

So, whether you need a garage shed, workshop, or commercial shed, a steel shed from a reputable provider like KiwiSpan is a valuable addition to your property. Our steel sheds provide practical benefits and a functional space that stands the test of time. Contact us to explore our customised steel shed solutions. 

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