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Do Licenses Generate Long Term Value?

Investing in a business is a big commitment. Prospective buyers need to be sure that their new venture will accumulate value – beyond just the day-to-day earnings and yearly dividends. This is especially true in the construction industry, where it can be difficult to build a solid, lasting reputation with so many other competitors already in the market.

Entrepreneurship is sometimes hailed for offering owners the most bang for their buck but, in actuality, starting your own business from scratch can be incredibly risky – especially in a volatile economy.

For strong, business-savvy building professionals, buying into a licensee network offers a more secure investment option in the long run. Being part of a national brand helps ensure consistent and quality leads, right from day one. When it comes time to sell, the backing of a reputable brand also means accumulating more value and higher capitals.

It’s important to realise that not every licensee or franchisee system operates in the same way. If you’re curious about what the KiwiSpan license network could offer you and your career, here is more about the kind of financial benefits you can expect.


Steady revenue streams right from the start

KiwiSpan is a nationally reputable brand, with a proven history of success in the New Zealand shed building industry. What that means is that even new or transitioning regions can quickly source great leads and ongoing clients.

Accumulating revenue early in the game is incredibly important for building wealth in the long term. What the KiwiSpan brand offers is a chance to hit the ground running with a new business – rather than spending years just scraping by while establishing an independent name from scratch.

While making this kind of transition could pose significant challenges if starting a brand new business, working within KiwiSpan offers new licensees a wide network of experts and peers.

As Jill and Darryn Astill from KiwiSpan Tauranga can attest after their first year as licensees, “The support from head office is enormous. If you were going in blind to this business, it would be very difficult – but the entire network here is amazing.”

Ultimately, this support helps new licensees learn quickly, take advantage of incoming leads with confidence, and start generating revenue earlier.


Increases in value over time

Investing in a new venture can be an intimidating move, especially in today’s uncertain economy. Reducing risk, ensuring capital gain, and putting your dollar where it will go the farthest have never been more important.

Buying into a reputable brand like KiwiSpan, with the backing of Donovan Group, offers prospective buyers a secure route towards long term growth in value. Previous KiwiSpan licensees have gone on to sell their regional license at significant gains – a result of their efforts within their region and the ongoing expansion and development of the KiwiSpan name.

Having established success, ongoing sales growth, and proven systems and processes that make working in the network enjoyable and efficient have all contributed to the reputation of KiwiSpan today.


Security without compromising freedom

KiwiSpan’s network is comprised of talented and motivated licensees operating from Southland to Northland. Through years of refining our practice and incorporating feedback, we are so proud to see our license owners flourish in both their business and their day-to-day operations.

We believe that a huge part of that success is due to the high level of independence, flexibility and respect that we entrust with each license. While there are obvious expectations around branding, service quality, and consistent opening hours, nearly all of the operational decisions are up to regional owners. From what kind of projects they choose, to how many staff they want, to when they take their holidays, KiwiSpan licensees have complete freedom over how they work.

Enjoying the backbone of being part of a secure enterprise combined with the day-to-day freedom of running a business is what sets KiwiSpan apart. It might also be why we see so many licensees stay with the network for 18 or more years!

If you are looking for a low-risk and wealth-building asset for your next construction venture, get in touch with our team to learn more about being a KiwiSpan licensee.

There are multiple regions up for sale right now – and they could just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.


The Three Traits of a Successful KiwiSpan Licensee

As a licensee network, our strength depends on the unique leadership of each regional team. Individuals with a range of backgrounds and expertise combine within the KiwiSpan network to build our national reputation as a high-quality and business-savvy shed-building brand.

We take talent sourcing very seriously – because we understand that people are the core of our exceptional network. We look for candidates who reflect the key values of KiwiSpan, and who have the experience to be successful in our industry.

We’re often asked what traits are most important to have as a KiwiSpan licensee – so here’s an insight into how we consider our candidates. When it comes to KiwiSpan leadership, these are the top three characteristics we value.


  1. Industry experience

As business owners and operators, KiwiSpan licensees have total autonomy over the daily runnings of their region. While we offer engineering, marketing, and developmental support through the network, it’s essential that every licensee transitions into the network with the skills and expertise to drive their own business.

Nearly all of our existing licensees have a background in construction, and many have entrepreneurial experience in the industry. A great example is Rowan Thornton, owner of KiwiSpan Wairarapa. As the founder and operator of RTC Construction, Rowan specialised in subcontracting for other shed-building companies before taking ownership of the Wairarapa license.

While direct experience working with sheds isn’t required, a sense of business management and an understanding of the construction industry are essential. Jill and Darryn Astill from KiwiSpan Tauranga have extensive experience building rural fencing through their independent business Ground Up Services. Their knowledge of the Tauranga market combined with experience building customer relationships has made theirs a smooth transition into the KiwiSpan network.


  1. A positive attitude

The KiwiSpan brand has a national reputation not only for high construction quality, but also for providing exceptional service. Effective communication skills and a great deal of patience are both absolutely essential to maintaining and creating strong professional partnerships.

To step into a licensee position, it’s important for candidates to demonstrate their ability to manage the human side of business. Positivity, transparency, and resilience are the qualities that reflect the strength and integrity of the KiwiSpan brand.

The most successful licensees also carry a strong sense of commitment and a hard-working attitude. Having the desire to grow and improve, both as a business and a leader, drives our work forward as an industry leader.

In turn, KiwiSpan licensees are offered unparalleled flexibility and independence. Each licensee structures their schedule and workload in the way that works best for them. Many regions are run by partners, who divide roles between site management and office management. Some teams appoint dedicated salespeople to focus solely on customer quotes, or designate assistants to handle extra administrative tasks.


  1. Pride for the work

Quality defines what we do. As a national brand, our identity is based on the exceptional design and construction of aesthetically-appealing, bespoke builds. It’s important to us that every licensee shares this passion and a commitment for delivering the highest quality on every project.

We love to see candidates who glow with pride. Strong businesses are built on strong relationships – within regional communities and professional networks. As Tonya Harrison from KiwiSpan Wairarapa puts it, “This is hard work, and there are some late nights. But we’re proud to be involved in a collaborative network that supports us to deliver cool-as buildings.”


KiwiSpan is always on the lookout for more exceptional business leaders to take on new licensees. With several territories currently for sale, it’s a great time to join the KiwiSpan network and experience the support of a brand backed by Donovan Group.

Learn more about our application process by reading the KiwiSpan Licensee Prospectus.


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