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What it Takes to Become a KiwiSpan Licensee

Izzie | 06/15/23

Buying into an established brand is one of the best ways to ensure security and sustainable profits – so it’s no surprise that we receive a lot of interest in joining our licensee network. If you’re wondering how our selection process works, and what it really takes to be a successful KiwiSpan licensee owner, here’s what you need to know.


Experience is a must

Running a license requires independence, confidence, and plenty of knowledge when it comes to business operations and working with clients. Successful licensees must have previous industry experience and the skills to manage and grow a business. 

Many of our current licensees come from a construction background, or have previous experience in business and sales. While specific shed-building experience isn’t required, an understanding of how the industry works will help massively. 

For example, before buying KiwiSpan Tauranga with his partner Jill, Darryn Astill established his own fencing business. Meanwhile, Stephen Cross from KiwiSpan Northland comes from a long history of sales experience working with a home-building company. These successful licensees are great examples of how KiwiSpan can offer a lucrative business opportunity if you have the right experience and confidence.


Our selection process is competitive

Like anything worth working for, joining the KiwiSpan network involves a thorough recruitment process. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard – because we know that people are everything when it comes to strengthening our brand.

“Donovan Group has such good people working with them; everyone has the same passion and commitment, and we’re all eager to help each other out. The network also has a strong training and support system in place now for new licensees – and that makes a huge difference,” explains Stephen Cross from KiwiSpan Northland.

When assessing candidates, we look for more than just experience. We value people who are passionate about working with customers and building stronger business relationships. While all of our licensees come from slightly different backgrounds and run their regions in different ways, they all carry similar attributes – transparency, dedication, and business acumen.

Here’s a general breakdown of how our process works:

  1. We will review your application.
  2. You’ll be connected with our recruitment agency to talk more about KiwiSpan and determine if you’re the right fit for the network.
  3. If it’s the right fit, you’ll connect with our Commercial Manager to talk more.
  4. Once this happens, you will join us at our headquarters in Whangarei for a final approval process and to sign over the license.
  5. Training and onboarding will start, usually taking about a month. 

For all the details about how we assess prospective licensees, and what our onboarding process looks like, download the KiwiSpan Licensee Prospectus.


What to expect as a licensee

Current licensees often say that one of their favourite aspects of KiwiSpan is how we structure our processes and communications. 

“From sales enquiry to order and dispatch, the KiwiSpan process is incredibly simple and efficient. Managing that consistently in this industry is so impressive, and it’s one of the things that brought us to the network,” says Dan McCorkindale from KiwiSpan Nelson/Tasman. 

We are thrilled to have a close-knit network across New Zealand. While the day-to-day of being a licensee requires a high level of independence, there are ongoing opportunities to connect with other regional owners.

Beyond the regular training process, licensees are encouraged to draw on the support of the national team and other licensees. We also host regional meetups in different areas of the country throughout the year, and we bring the entire network together for our annual conference and awards ceremony. 

As Tonya Harrison and Rowan Thornton, owners of KiwiSpan Wairarapa describe it, “Our success is built on all of the support we get from the entire KiwiSpan network. We love being part of this brand and part of this family.”

If you have the experience and the drive to be a KiwiSpan licensee, then get in touch with our team to chat! There are several regions for sale right now, and one of them could become your next business venture.


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