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How KiwiSpan is Growing Across the South Island

Izzie | 01/19/23

As the KiwiSpan brand continues to spread and strengthen across New Zealand, so does the network of talented, business-oriented licensees. This has been especially true for the South Island – where there is ample space to grow and an increasing demand for custom-built quality steel sheds.

Last year, both ends of the South Island welcomed new licensees – Nathan and Jessica Wheeler in Southland, and duo Dan McCorkindale and Emerson Mytton in Nelson.

Both teams approach business in their own unique ways, and have set up their operations to suit the particular needs of their region and their team. However, at the core of both teams, there is the drive to deliver exceptional service, build a strong business, and uphold the KiwiSpan brand.


The draws of a streamlined system

“From sales enquiry to order and dispatch, the KiwiSpan process is incredibly simple and efficient. Managing that consistently in this industry is so impressive, and it’s one of the things that brought us to the network,” says Dan from KiwiSpan Nelson.

What set apart KiwiSpan for both new South Island teams was the opportunity for superior efficiency when it comes to workflow and communicating with the national group.

Nathan and Jessica from KiwiSpan Southland say that KiwiSpan’s simplicity had caught their eye, even before they considered taking over the region. “I noticed their advertising right away, and I liked the simple system and pricing that is laid out so clearly,” says Nathan.

With so many uncertainties swarming around industries right now, working with a robust, established system and brand makes a huge difference. KiwiSpan, with the backing of Donovan Group, offers a national network of engineers, marketers and business professionals to provide ongoing support.


Taking business to the next level

As a highly experienced residential builder for the Invercargill area, Nathan knows what it takes to produce quality structures and to run a customer-oriented business in the construction industry.

The shift towards shed-building, he says, was instigated by the desire to branch into a slightly different side of the market. “The demand here in Southland is growing exponentially, and we’re happy to get the opportunity through KiwiSpan to be working towards bigger projects.”

Jessica Wheeler is managing the marketing, sales and administration for the business – making KiwiSpan Southland a truly family-run operation. With a new baby in the house, the Wheelers are thrilled to be able to manage their schedule in a way that works best for them.

Business at the opposite end of the island is also ramping up for Dan and Emerson. “This region encompasses everywhere from Nelson City to Motueka to Blenheim and the Marlborough farming regions in between. We are already receiving enquiries from across the spectrum of the market, and we’re looking forward to fulfilling a diverse range of projects,” says Emerson.

Dan and Emerson have been business partners since 2016, operating in the ‘Top of the South’ as quality home builders. The duo says that KiwiSpan is the chance to grow their business and expand into the steel shed market.

“We are particularly looking forward to working with our industrial clients, who are going to love the quality and durability of these KiwiSpan sheds, even in our harsh South Island conditions.”


Transitioning into steel shed-building

While neither of the new South Island teams have worked specifically with steel sheds in the past, they both report that the transition into KiwiSpan has been smooth and supportive.

“Everyone is very friendly within the licensee network,” says Nathan. “People are happy to help when we ask questions, and this has made it easy for us to respond to the high number of enquiries we’re getting locally.”

The Wheelers are settling into a new office space, and have already begun working on new builds for this year.

For the Nelson duo, the first hurdle will be completing their first KiwiSpan project. “It’s great that this process is so straightforward and easy to learn. Once we have finished our first build, and become really solid with the KiwiSpan way of doing things, I think we’ll be off and running in the region,” says Dan.



KiwiSpan is continuing to expand the brand’s presence across New Zealand. With a growing need for exceptional construction professionals to lead new regions, they are welcoming applications for licensee candidates.

If you see the potential in your area, just as the teams in Nelson and Southland did, then you might be a good fit for the KiwiSpan network!

Have a look at the regions for sale right now, or download the licensee prospectus to learn more about our recruitment process.

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