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Is Licensee Ownership Right for You?

Izzie | 03/20/23

Buying a business is a huge undertaking – but it can also be the most financially and personally rewarding step of your career.  

If you’re considering whether business ownership is right for you, there are plenty of factors to consider, especially in today’s economic climate. For many prospective buyers, investing in a licensee network offers the best of both worlds – giving them all the flexibility of being their own boss without the overwhelming risk and upfront effort required to start a business from scratch. 

Today, we’re digging into the key motivators for investing in a national license brand, and what attributes our KiwiSpan licensees usually have in common. 

is licensee ownership right for you

You want control over your size and growth 

Most KiwiSpan licensees are construction professionals with some kind of previous business or management experience.  

Some new prospects are initially concerned that joining our licensee network will limit their flexibility when it comes to the required output of work. In reality, however, KiwiSpan runs on a model that encourages each local business owner to operate in the way and at the level that works best for them and their region’s unique needs. 

That means you decide whether to keep your team small, or to grow and expand your reach as much as possible.


You want to pursue a low risk business opportunity 

Given the current cloud of economic uncertainty, many prospective business owners are wary of taking the financial risk required to start up an independent company. One of the key draws of joining an established, national brand is minimising that risk every step of the way. 

KiwiSpan is a wide-reaching network of licensees that has the backing of Donovan Group. This comes with a national reputation for quality, sustainability, innovation and dependability, giving licensees the groundwork to source and secure leads.  

Not only does a national network help reduce the day-to-day risks often associated with business ownership, but it also gives licensees peace of mind when it comes to selling their region later down the line. 


You enjoy autonomy and independence  

One of the key drivers for professionals who start or buy their own business is wanting more control over their work and personal life. From managing your own schedule to choosing new hires to deciding what kind of work and clients you take on, business ownership is perfect for people who like their independence. 

There is sometimes a misconception that being part of a national brand network means giving up your independence, and having to follow narrow lists of rules. However, our license system is structured in a way that maximises control at the regional level, letting each local business owner drive their own approach.  

While we ask regions to follow national branding guidelines, and maintain a professional level of service and quality, there is ample room to make your decisions about operations, management style and business direction. 


You value a tight-knit professional community  

One of the biggest drawbacks of starting a new brand from scratch is that the experience can feel isolated and overwhelming. For prospective business owners who appreciate having a supportive network, buying a regional license offers the right balance between collaboration and independence. 

We are particularly proud of the strength and positivity built through the KiwiSpan community. Because there is no risk of competition between regions, the system is designed to encourage licensees to develop close and supportive relationships. 

Through regular regional meet-ups and an annual conference and awards event, we do our best to foster long-term partnerships within the KiwiSpan network. 

As Tonya Harrison and Rowan Thornton, owners of KiwiSpan Wairarapa describe it, “Our success is built on all of the support we get from the entire KiwiSpan network. We love being part of this brand and part of this family.” 



If these traits resonate with you, then you might be a perfect fit for the KiwiSpan community. We are always looking for motivated, business-savvy professionals with industry experience to take on new regions across the country.  

Joining the team means being part of New Zealand’s leading brand for quality sheds, and delivering exceptional service through your own independently-operated business. 

Learn more about what opportunities are currently available with KiwiSpan by exploring our Business Page. 

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