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KiwiSpan Southland Win the Regional Marketing Runner-up Award 2023  

Izzie | 09/25/23

The KiwiSpan network recognises KiwiSpan Southland as the 2023 Regional Marketing Runner-up winner. 

The award is given to a licensee who has shown exceptional marketing efforts to establish a regional brand presence. KiwiSpan Southland received this award at the annual KiwiSpan conference, held in Queenstown on the 13th to 14th of September this year.  

Although they have only been part of the KiwiSpan network for a short period of time, Nathan and Jessica Wheeler of KiwiSpan Southland have excelled their business forward with a cohesive marketing strategy.  

The region has shown great initiative with their consistent social media efforts and local sponsorships. They prioritise supporting their community and notably this year collaborated with other local businesses in their area to support Autism Southland.  

KiwiSpan Commercial Manager Troy Spence explains “as licensees who are new to the KiwiSpan Network, Jess and Nathan have done an excellent job at distinguishing their brand amongst their local community – well done guys!” 

Owner Jessica Wheeler commented on their marketing strategy saying, “we want to continue to gain momentum and continue to get our name out there and reach as many people as possible.” 

“We are going to be having a site at the Waimumu Field Days that I believe will give us a good opportunity to get our name out there and meet and talk with potential clients.” 

“We want to excel and get the brand out there in the Southern region and are proud to be part of the KiwiSpan network and proud to promote what KiwiSpan stands for.”  

Moving forward, the team want to continue to grow and get more signed contracts, produce top quality sheds and further establish their reputation within the Southland region. 

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