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Trends In Steel Shed Construction

Izzie | 04/12/22

Steel sheds are incredibly versatile and are a popular choice in many environments. Like the rest of the building industry, there are some major trends shaping the construction and utilisation of steel sheds. Here, KiwiSpan shares some of the trends facing steel shed construction today.

  • Sustainability
  • Sustainability is a huge trend across many industries and construction is no exception. In construction this trend focuses on using renewable and sustainable products, and designing more energy efficient buildings. KiwiSpan build steel sheds, and steel is both recyclable and very durable. It’s a kinder choice for the environment with lower maintenance requirements too. The growing demand for sustainable buildings makes KiwiSpan a great choice for your commercial or industrial shed.

  • Flexibility
  • While steel sheds are well suited to a range of industrial and commercial businesses, the need for increased flexibility is also a trend we’re seeing. The springs used in cars are made from steel because it’s flexible, and this flexibility also allows steel structures to vibrate and still hold their shape. Using steel, architects can introduce long spans and unique designs to a building, allowing for beautiful and functional spaces to be created. We are seeing a wider range of industries realise this flexibility and consider a quality steel shed for their place of business. 

  • Colours
  • On trend colours always shift slightly from year to year and your local KiwiSpan team can give you guidance on the colours that are coming into popularity. Right now, various shades of grey including charcoal and black are very trendy. Colour popularity however, can differ by industry e.g. in the agricultural sector, red is always a popular choice.

These are some of the key trends we’re seeing at the moment and there are sure to be more changes as the construction industry continues to evolve. Whatever the trends, you can rest assured that the team at KiwiSpan are experts in the industry. We’ll guide you through any shifts and changes when it comes to choosing the right steel shed for your needs. 
Whether it’s a garage shed, workshop, commercial or industrial shed, KiwiSpan has a customised solution for you. Contact us HERE today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

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