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Joining the KiwiSpan Network – Do You Have What it Takes?

Izzie | 11/15/22

We have a reputation for delivering quality, efficiency, and creativity with every build – and that’s all thanks to the experienced and motivated KiwiSpan licensees that form our national network.

We’re always looking for talented and business-driven industry professionals who have the resilience and the expertise to run a KiwiSpan license in a new region. We offer the opportunity to join a national brand backed by Donovan Group, without sacrificing the autonomy and flexibility that comes with running and owning your own business.

While building sheds is the bread and butter of operating a KiwiSpan license, the position requires business acumen, a drive to succeed, and the attitude to get things done. We’re looking for licensee candidates who are hungry for a challenge, and ready to grow a business in their area.

Across New Zealand, there are thirty-two regions – and some of them are for sale right now. If you’re interested in becoming part of the KiwiSpan licensee network, here are the top three qualities that we’re looking for in a candidate.


     1. An entrepreneurial spirit

While every licensee has the backing of a national network, each region is operated as an independent business. That means hiring your own staff, managing budgets, making sales, and building a presence in your region. The most successful KiwiSpan licensees are entrepreneurs at heart; they are constantly finding better, more efficient ways to operate and build their business.

Take, for example, this year’s KiwiSpan Licensee of the Year, Tonya Harrison and Rowan Thornton from KiwiSpan Wairarapa. The duo first opened their region in October of 2020, and they were drawn to KiwiSpan for its national reputation for delivering exceptional, high-quality products.

They saw the limitless potential for growth in the Wairarapa region, and knew that joining the KiwiSpan network could offer a meaningful way to provide great sheds to their community and financial stability for their family.

Tonya and Rowan have gone on to achieve impressive growth – increasing sales, delivering top-notch customer service, and bringing on extra staffing support.

“Our success is built on all of the support we’ve had from the network,” the duo says. “Thank you so much – we love being part of this brand and part of this family.”


     2. Motivated by results

There’s a lot more to business than just the numbers at the end of the year. Whether your goal is to make more sales, deliver consistently great service, or grow your regional marketing presence – KiwiSpan licensees are driven to achieve meaningful progress.

Every KiwiSpan region has a unique personality, each with different levels of influence and presence in their local area. Like the new Wairarapa team, some   have tremendous potential for growth.

If you have a fresh and goal-oriented approach to business, you may be the right fit for the KiwiSpan network.


    3. Previous sales experience

While building or construction experience is valuable as a KiwiSpan licensee, it’s worth nothing if you can’t make sales.

Many current licensees have previously owned or operated businesses. Darryn and Jill Astill from KiwiSpan Tauranga, for example, ran a fencing company for fourteen years before joining the network. Bruce Morris and Kerri-Ann McKenna-Morris from KiwiSpan Wanganui, meanwhile, are known for being the fourth generation owners of a family business in their region.

Previous business ownership is not a requirement for KiwiSpan licensee candidates, but it is necessary to know how to make sales and develop professional relationships.

“We emphasise to our customers that building is truly a journey, and it’s about so much more than just a transaction and a product. I think that approach is what has led us forward, and why a lot of our clients end up becoming our friends,” says Stephen Cross, KiwiSpan Northland.

The KiwiSpan network is brought together by professionals from a variety of backgrounds, with varying levels of experience in shed-building. What they all have in common, however, is relentless motivation, a passion for the KiwiSpan brand, and proven business experience.


Discover the impact you could have in your area with a KiwiSpan license. If you’re ready for the next step towards owning and operating your own region, then it’s time to learn more about our business opportunities here.


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